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Wattle Wattle

It occurred to me … I have all this green wood in the brush pile, and I need to take down another tag alder this week – and I’ve always wanted to build a wattle fence. Wattle being “an interwoven mesh of twigs; wattle; the act of making such a mesh.” (As opposed to waddle, the thing a duck does.)

No time like the present.

I made a ten foot section, which was exciting. So, then I thought I might as well move on over to the old stump. And then I added some on the other side. And then I liked it so much, I put in the posts so I can starting going around back of the shed/cabin. Another neat thing about all this is that it give the cut brush something useful to do, rather than just sitting there in a pile. Basically, you pound in your upright, maybe a three inch or bigger limb, make sure you have plenty of thinner green limbs, maybe an inch or whatever will work … and weave, baby, weave! Next week, I’m thinking of doing an archway. And later on, maybe I’ll try more of a basket pattern. Need lots of uniform wood for that though. Awesome.

Looks neat, and it’s really rather strong! Here’s the play-by-play …






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