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City Boy?

I dunno.

Maybe you can take the boy out of the city, but you can’t take the city out of the boy. Maybe we’ve found that we need a little town with our country. Fact is, we now live in downtown Saranac Lake, and we love it. I love walking to shops. I love seeing the fireworks (New Year’s Eve) from our window. I love living in a walkable “Main Street USA” sort of village that has wilderness, boating, and hiking trails within walking distance.

I won’t be too overt location-wise, but we’re pretty much right here at the corner of whosits and whatsis. If I had my windows open, you could call my name from the library steps and I’d hear you.

We’re functionally moved in for now, and we’ll be completely moved in soon. (The RV/Cabin stuff has been moved, but we still need to get the really juicy stuff out of the storage unit.) Meanwhile, it’s fun to be buying curtain rods and pulling things together. Not surprisingly, now that we have a full-size refrigerator and freezer, I’ve become obsessed with freezing things. I think there’s an extra five pounds of mashed potatoes and enough meat for two weeks up in there.

Here’s a few more moving-in-week shots. Nothing’s finished, but we’re getting there.



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Down South, Adirondack Style

It was time for the annual Drive-to-Lake-George-and-Queensbury Pre-Winter shopping trip. Two hours South. I totally should have asked Carole if she was in the area! Didn’t think of that until we got back.

Am I allowed to call it an “annual” drive if it’s the first time we’ve ever done it? We wanted to last year, but we didn’t trust the Jeepalopy to take us there and back. South of Lake George, in Queensbury, it’s sort of an outlet store situation. I know folks always say that outlet prices aren’t what they ought to be, but at least in Queensbury, I find they are. Great quality stuff at great prices (as they say).

In addition to the shopping, the drive is spectacular, especially when the leaves are at peak color. Check this out – Keene Valley, near the AuSable Club …

We’re pretty good on coats and quilt-lining jackets and such. (I have a serious jacket habit.) And we don’t really wear hats. Hate ’em. I use the hood on my parka instead. But, being as we couldn’t get down there last year, when last Winter came, we were still standing in our three-year-old leaky, beat-up New York City pseudo boots. It was seriously time to remedy that. J got some duck boots, and I decided on calf-height, fuzzy-lined, waterproof Bass boots. Of course, I had to try them on in the parking lot to take a photo …

Got to work on our Halloween shopping too. I added a few full-sized skeletons, and I picked up the stuff to make some more gravestones. Now that we have the space, I do a big Halloween thing each year. Satisfies the now-latent theatrical designer in me. I used to love to design shows. Expanding on last year’s graveyard, I’ll be getting to work soon. Big project. Suffice it to say, there’s construction involved, and I’ll be going up a ladder into a tree to hang the theatrical lighting. Right here in little ol’ Gabriels! Here’s a shot from last year …

However, as far as I am concerned, the event of the day was lunch. We went to The Log Jam, a favorite restaurant. We love it. The food is good, and I like the fact that they have an excellent salad bar and fresh bread. But I think the real reason we love it is that it reminds us of eating in Walt Disney World.

How’s your Winter shopping and Halloween plans coming, Friends?


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Dishwater Day 07.30.10

It’s Dishwater Day, friends. You know – a blog post full of all the things I still had sitting in the sink after I cleaned up. Enjoy the photos, and you have a great day too!

Mister Twiggy Guarding the Onions

The new Hanging Waterer and Feeder Arrangement

The Chickens have an Italian Breakfast


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Adirondack Skies

Around here, we’re always commenting on the skies.

We see a lot of sky. We have a nice clear shot at home. (It would be clearer if they hadn’t installed that damned street light.) The view we see on our six-mile daily commute is pretty amazing too. Across the little mountains back behind Gabriels, then over the peaks beyond Saranac Lake, and finally, across the entire valley, past Bloomingdale and over Whiteface. Lots of sky. It’s amazing to be able to see entire weather systems, and to be lucky enough to quite literally drive through clouds. The quality of the light and sky is different here. We usually explain it by saying, “The sky seems a lot closer.”

I snapped this pic standing in the driveway just now, between thunderstorms. I think it looks like a monster mouth in the middle of the photo is eating the universe. (Isn’t there something like that in Ghostbusters?)

Below is the famous view from Donnelly’s ice cream stand in Harrietstown, over to and across the valley, past Bloomingdale, past Whiteface and the other peaks. It’s amazing how this view changes from day to day, from season to season.

This next one is from a few years ago – another yard shot – when we were still camping out in the cabin during Summers. I noticed it was particularly bright out … Get a load of that moon!

Yeah, it’s the classic view, from the top of Whiteface Mountain. Just about everybody who has ever visited Lake Placid has this photo. But I never get tired of it.

Happy view! You have a great day too!


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In the Birthday Chair

Today was (is) my birthday. Let’s just say I’m not quite 50, but certainly past 40.

We had a nice afternoon in Lake Placid, where I was allowed to get whatever I wanted. I settled on an awesome book called 52 Loaves (loved the author’s last book), chicken nuggets from McDonald’s, and a fancy caramel iced coffee. I’m a pretty cheap date. I even passed up an offer of fancy, imported cheese.

Best part of the birthday? Sitting in my new chair, on my new grass. Here’s a few pics of the view from the Birthday Chair.


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Everything Old is New Again

Who recorded that old song? Peter Allen, maybe?

I’ve always wanted a wooden Adirondack chair. Except, they run $100 and up. Uh-huh. For a chair. An outside chair. Yeah, $100 for a chair is not exactly in the budget. However …

I was helping my neighbor build a porch onto her cabin yesterday. I noticed three seriously rotted Adirondack chairs on her junk pile. Says I, “I wonder if there are enough parts there  to rebuild one decent chair?” As a matter of fact, one chair had much less rot than the others. After bashing two of them apart, I found enough parts to repair the “good” one. Armed with my screw gun, nails, a hammer, a wire brush, two sanding blocks, and a few cans of “Classic Brown” satin spray paint, here’s the play-by-play.

Here’s One Arm Sally upon her arrival. I’ve already bashed off two of the rotten seat slats and replaced those. This is going to be a lot of wire brushing, sanding, and patching!

One of the other chairs had a decent spare arm, but it had a split through part of it. I filled the split with wood putty, carefully attached it back together with brads, and let it sit overnight to dry. The next morning, I sanded it down pretty-as-pie and attached the new arm.

Clean, sanded, and ready for paint! Now if only we could get some sunshine, so I can get the spray cans out! I tested the color on the dry part, but I need some sun to dry out the bare wood.

Hey, looka that! Not bad for say, three hours or so of work. There’s a good amount of rot on the bottom of the main rails, but the patches will last a season or two before I have to toss it or do a major overhaul.

Sweet ride! You have a great day too!


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Well, hell. When I searched “rustique,” I had no idea how popular the word might be!

Don’t worry. I’m not opening a fancy restaurant or starting a dot com home furnishings shop. I just thought it was a nice word to title a post about fixing our old, broken down fence. (I use the term “fixing” very loosely.) My friend Sheri said she loved the bird feeder on the fence post, so I thought that as long as people are noticing the thing, I might as well fix it up.

It’s been sitting there on the ground rotting for a few years, having stood between the neighbor and us for who-knows-how-many decades. For me, putting this thing back up was a no-brainer – old weathered wood, eye-catching junk, and rustic decay are all totally up my alley. Plus, it’s been there for years and it’s not doing anyone any harm, so it should be allowed to stay.

For the most part, it was a lot like putting a puzzle together. A few stitches and patches though. It’s good for a few years. I might go on the hunt for some old wood to further fix it up.

Now. Where can I get me some scarlet runner beans?


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