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Why I Hate Trees

Regular readers might remember, I wanted to learn how to paint. Oil painting, specifically. I thought I might like painting mountains. We’ll be moving the Adirondacks full time soon, so I’ll have plenty of mountains to paint. My friend over at i am alive and I were recently talking about getting our dust-collecting art supplies out, and so I did.

Having made my artistic ambitions known, I got a nice table top easel and a starter set of oils for Christmas. Bought some decent brushes at the local art store. And then the trouble started. I went to YouTube and started looking at painting lessons. Big mistake. A few months later, I have developed my own (however amateur) “style.” But I still have those stupid art lessons paint-a-picture-in-ten-minutes trees stuck in my head.

100_0108So what ends up happening is this –  I paint a perfectly decent mountain.  Like this one I painted last week, for instance. I am pleased with the mountain. I need to work on my sky skills, but I am very happy with the mountain, and I’m not too too embarrassed to let someone see it. Then I think to myself, “Well, I guess it needs some trees or bushes or something.” And I proceed to paint a tree on the side, in front of the mountain. In that style I can’t shake, left over from lessons. And it looks like two completely different people painted each. And the stupid tree has messed up my mountain painting.

Stupid $#&%@$# trees.



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