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City Boy?

I dunno.

Maybe you can take the boy out of the city, but you can’t take the city out of the boy. Maybe we’ve found that we need a little town with our country. Fact is, we now live in downtown Saranac Lake, and we love it. I love walking to shops. I love seeing the fireworks (New Year’s Eve) from our window. I love living in a walkable “Main Street USA” sort of village that has wilderness, boating, and hiking trails within walking distance.

I won’t be too overt location-wise, but we’re pretty much right here at the corner of whosits and whatsis. If I had my windows open, you could call my name from the library steps and I’d hear you.

We’re functionally moved in for now, and we’ll be completely moved in soon. (The RV/Cabin stuff has been moved, but we still need to get the really juicy stuff out of the storage unit.) Meanwhile, it’s fun to be buying curtain rods and pulling things together. Not surprisingly, now that we have a full-size refrigerator and freezer, I’ve become obsessed with freezing things. I think there’s an extra five pounds of mashed potatoes and enough meat for two weeks up in there.

Here’s a few more moving-in-week shots. Nothing’s finished, but we’re getting there.



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An Honest Man, At Last

We’re here!

Aw, yeah! Today … we’re Adirondack Residents. Today we unpacked the van, did a huge load of laundry, and took a trip to the storage unit in Plattsburgh.  And we even made the cabin look less like like a garden-tools-and-antiques warehouse and more like … well, something. All in good time.

The neighbors have been (predictably) wonderful, and we all went up to the tree nursery West of Malone together yesterday. So cool! We have some dinners together, a BBQ, and movie nights planned. And a game night. And a trip to the waterfall. And Bloomingdale Field Day. And some of us hung out with beers in the backyard today. And my immediate neighbor spent an hour walking me around his land and showing what would be good trees to transplant over to our place. We’re hoppin’ around here!

Seems like storage is not much a of a problem yet. Things are a little buried, but they’re stored. Do I have to have my wooly drawers immediately available to qualify as an Adk resident? I hope not.

I was a little worried about the change, but all is good – no curture shock or weirdness or anything. I’ve mostly been out digging in the dirt and planting for three days. Today I put in five trees and a bunch of perennials, and I hauled two wheelbarrows full of big road over to edge the bed. Been nice to have things to do while I wait for the electric to be put in and I can start tearing the old house down. Meanwhile, the generator and a new RV battery are holding us in good stead.

Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s awesome. I am sitting out back in front of my new trees with my laptop in a comfy garden chair. Super cool. Speaking of, it’s getting chilly. I’m going to go in. I’ll get some pics of all the new trees and plants tomorrow. Time being, here are a few snaps from around the old place today.


My very own Apple Tree!


I like my garden hoses neat and tidy. That’s our well.I tossed a sump down down into it and I plug it into the generator for water.


Dog on the Go


An Adirondack Sunset


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All’s for the Best in this Best of all Possible Worlds

We’re just about on the way. Van’s packed. We leave tomorrow morning.

Honestly, I felt a bit conflicted about even bothering to do the Friday post. I feel like I should be writing some grand celebratory treatise. Maybe that’s for after the weekend. On one hand, the final load-out and leaving the city for good is the biggest event, and on the other hand, I really have very little to say about it. No strong feelings or drama, really. Perhaps because the move has been so gradual. Perhaps because I truly do believe in the old Panglossian bonmot – “All’s for the best in this best of all possible worlds.”

100_0645Although we’re headed for a property full of mud (from the grading project), I tossed down some grass seed last weekend. If it took, it should be sprouting by now. See my little mud moat around the shed? Either way, mud and all, I can’t wait to be there … to not have to start a project and then run back to the city the next day. To be able grab the canoe and go down to the pond, and say, “I want to paddle today. The work can wait ’till tomorrow.”

This here little blog that I started in March passed 10,000 visitors today! Pretty cool. Thanks, guys! I really do enjoy writing it, talking with folks via comments (especially), and trying to be an ambassador for the Adirondacks (as they say – and they know who they are). I also hope that other folks who want to move to the country will find some useful info here. Anyhow. Cool.

100_0661So let’s hear it for the small pleasures – I’m exited about blogging from the Adirondacks, as opposed to at them. I’m excited about finishing off the cabin and turning it into a little Adk-styled library. I’m excited about placing the rustic antiques we kept.  I am thrilled about getting out of this dusty New York City apartment and into the super cool RV. (Although we’ve already stained the carpet.) Yeah, she’s slick. Tin Lizzie may be a little small, but the view from the windows is spectacular. May not be such a big deal to some, but looking out on Tamaracks, Spruce, and Pines on my own land is pretty neat to me.

See you in the Adirondacks!


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Bonus Post- Landlord Rant

You know how we humans have a tendency to ruin something just as it’s coming to an end? That defense mechanism that prompts us to wreck a relationship with another human just because we probably won’t see them much again? I seriously hope I am not doing that. I’m trying not to. Right?

Today, I am spending my time avoiding the male half of our landlords (and taking out the last few heavy items).

Whatever he doesn’t like about this whole thing, it shows. Our landlords are friends – for years – yet he has been nothing but gruff and unpleasant the past few weeks.

He asked for rent the month of June, which is fine. We are going to be here through the 6th. Our best friends The New Tenants ended up splitting the month with us, even though we’re out the 6th and they can’t move till the 28th. When they were setting up the deal, Male Landlord was adamant about “not losing a month,” even though he needs to get contractors in here to fix things. Big things. He keeps asking me how early we’re going to be out. Repeatedly. Even though the rent is being paid through the month of June.

I am repainting the whole house because I know no one else will. That’s fine. I chose to do it. However, he knows I am painting. He has seen me painting. I would have expected at least a “Thanks.” I went down to borrow a roller. Not a word. Just acted like it was my responsibility to do it. I just went down to offer them a newish, rather expensive computer desk that I had already taken downstairs. I get up to “I’m putting this desk out. Would you like …” and I am cut off. “No. Take it out.” Last time I ask about something nice I’m giving away, I guess.

Thing is, I’m leaving the apartment far, far better than just “broom clean,”and I am trying to be overboard considerate. It’s at this point that we come to my peeve – We humans forgetting to merely consider and think about each other. Shouldn’t we try to do the best job we can? Especially in our interactions with each other? All the same, It’ll be over soon.

Whatever. A little extra work is easy to swallow. My pride is not.


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The Aesthete

I am funny about how stuff looks.

100_0620I have repainted most of the city apartment (to be taken over by our best friends), even though I really didn’t need to. When asked why, my simple answer is most often, “Because it will look better.” I just finished repainting most of the trim, window sills, and doors; and I’ve spent most of the week saying things like, “Don’t touch that wall. I just repainted it,” or “Get your hands off the moulding.”

100_0568Conversely, I’m starting to get funny about things at the Adirondack place. I think I’m getting better about the whole thing though – I’m picking my battles, and I won’t try to do everything at once. With that in mind, I am still going to plant grass before we tear the house down. I don’t care if I have to replant parts of it. I don’t care if it costs a fortune and I have to replant it five times. I can’t live on dirt and mud for a year or more. And I am going to plant some mature(ish) trees right away. Not too too close to the tear-down house, but yeah, closer than most people probably would. It may be a construction site, but I still have to like being there.

100_0624This will be the last week in the city house. The empty house is not quite as odd as I had expected. Likely because our moving-in friends are keeping some of our larger pieces of furniture. Due to that, it’s not empty empty. The new-paint smell is a little weird – your senses tell you that you’re moving in to a new place, as opposed to moving out.

This weekend will be out last trip to the Adirondacks as non-residents. Next time we drive up, we’re staying. Yep – I get that wiggly nervous/queasy feeling as I type that. But perhaps my head is in the right place – I’m not nervous about getting into the RV and staying for good. I’m nervous about getting everything out of here so our NYC departure is smooth and easy.


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The Penultimate

I’m a reasonably intelligent adult, and I like to think I have a handle on Murphy’s Law. (Okay, not always.)

100_0617All the same, I am doing the pseudo-final clear out in the city house this week … one week early. Because I know that no matter how done I think I am, we’ll get to next week and something won’t be done. Or I’ll have forgotten a task. Or we’ll not have done the Salvation Army drop-off yet. Or something won’t fit in the final load North.

I think years of live theatre have taught me that if you do not have everything planned down to the last stitch, you’re probably going to end up in trouble. In other words, if something can go wrong, it will.

In addition to being a Packing Paranoid, I simply love it when a plan comes together! And we’re so close to it coming together! I’m trying to get everything non-essential in the van this weekend.

  • Living Room – Done, except a TV left to take out
  • Music Room – Done, nothing left.
  • Dining Room – Done, nothing left
  • Bathroom – Done, only a bag of essentials left
  • Kitchen – Bug Out Box waiting, otherwise nothing left
  • Bedroom – Deal with clothes, toss computer desk
  • Hallway – Bookcase has to go out, about 80% empty
  • Closets – Three empty, one in the bedroom with some clothes
  • Office – A mess. Stuff still to clear and three bookcases to go out

I’ve put a box in each room marked “Bug Out Box.” We’ll just toss the few remaining essential things in the Bug Out Box, stick ’em in the van on the way out the door, and we’re done. Looking pretty empty in here. Bit by bit. Hard to believe that in a week I’ll be writing about planting trees, working on the property, and being an Adirondack resident.

So, it goes well. I’m not too too freaked out about the remaining stuff. I have three days. And then I have a week. I love double deadlines!


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A Dubious Celebration

We’re getting down to the wire, and it’s getting a little sticky around here.

We’re about to the point where a few of the tasks we hadn’t been able to fit in need done now, on top of everything else. But, aside from a long list of way too much hard work to get done, things are good. Money and job situation is good. The RV is delivered. We bought some temp fencing for the dog. The RV furnace, water, and fridge work nicely . So, let’s just call today a dubious celebration – I have way too much to get done, but it’s all working out.

Here’s a few moving-in snaps from the weekend –






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