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I Coulda Been a Contender

We’re Adirondack-bound, and as regular readers know, we’re going to be bugging out to a rather large RV. Hopefully.

North Country Winters will be interesting, but we both come from a long line of crazy people, so we’re up for it. (We’re not completely crazy – we’ll eventually be looking into building a proper house.) And really, these are nice RVs with good furnaces, in excellent condition. We’ll have to heat tape, skirt, rig, and we’ll use a lot of propane, but we’ll be happy. Space wise, I’m not really worried. These are all around 30′, and we have the separate cabin for extra space – it has it’s own heater, and it was comfortable this past weekend even down around the zero mark.

We’ve narrowed the RVs down to three that we like – all are super clean, and very well taken care of. Excellent condition. They’re priced comparably and we like them all, so the decision really comes down to who gives us a better price.

It’s photo time! 

The first two contenders are very similar. Different models at different dealers, but basically the same thing – both are 31′ fifth wheels with a large slide-out. Choice A is a 1995 Prowler. It has four-person dinette, and we like the darker colors quite a bit. I could do without the pink, but I guess it’s better than lurid 90s teal. 




Choice B is a 1997 Layton. It has a much better bedroom layout, and a little more storage, but I don’t like the 90s blond wood interior and weird hotel-looking wallpaper. And I don’t like the booth as much as the four-person dinette on the other model. But the bedroom and storage really is that much better. (In the pics below, the slide is not out, but you get the idea. )




Third choice is a motorhome. Older model, but clean as a whistle for a 1991. It has a great deal less space, but we’re comfortable in it. All things considered, we might go looking for something else if it came down to this one. It’s smaller, and we probably don’t want the extra engine to look after. It is still under consideration though. It’s a 28′ Fleetwood Bounder with 55,000 miles on it, beautifully taken care of. A broken interior lamp and a broken hatch door, but otherwise in good shape.



Now, about some of these dealers. We actually had fun at a few of the lots – and others we did not enjoy ourselves so much. I looked over the rigs and asked the questions. Jonathan mostly stood over my shoulder (he’s 6’5″) and scowled like an enforcer, saying things like “This ceiling is too short.” 

What’s the expression? Oh yeah. “Don’t crap where you eat.” The condition of the lots was seriously telltale. A few of them were absolute dumps. Not surprisingly, these lots were full of junk RVs and salesmen that I would not want to deal with. The nicer lots – where the owners clearly took pride in their site – had much nicer RVs, and salesfolks you felt you could talk to. And the prices on the nicer lots were just as good. 

I’m don’t mind a salesman being tough. We went to a gorgeous place in central New York where the salesman was super nice, but very upfront. And so was I. We both are adults – he’s going to get as much as he can for the thing, and I want it at the best possible price. We both understand that, and hopefully we meet in the middle. If not, no big deal, and we’re better people for being pleasant to each other and having a good time. 

I spoke to both salesfolk today. I’m offering on the one with the dinette in the morning, and calling the other one to see if my idea of a low offer is even in their ballpark.

I’ll keep you posted.



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