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The Sourpuss

Well friends, Sunday was Pickle Day.

In my effort to be an official Back to the Land Dilettante, I’ve been canning – “putting up things against the Winter,” as they say. (Whoever they are.)

picklesLast week was Apple Jam. Just a few quarts, but with fruit picked from our local trees. Other than the (ton) of sugar, free food! I gave a few quarts away, and I certainly can’t imagine eating an entire quart of Apple Jam over the Winter, but I just might try. This week’s assignment is pickles and applesauce. (It’s at this point that I admit I bought all my cukes at the store, and a few apples to supplement the local haul.) Figure I’ll get four or five quarts of pickles and maybe two quarts of applesauce.

I have an awesome few recipes for pickle canning – Cinnamon Sweet Pickles (I know – it sounds weird, but they’re terrific), Garlic Dill, and Bread & Butter. If you haven’t tried making pickles, give it a shot. If you don’t want to can them, you can just put them in a jar in the fridge instead. It’s super easy, and the recipes out there on line are endless. Bread & Butter Pickles are pictured. (LOVE them!)

A fun bonus as I was boiling and brining? My favorite radio show, The Splendid Table, was chatting about the history of pickling today.

Happy pickling, Sourpusses!



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