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Down South, Adirondack Style

It was time for the annual Drive-to-Lake-George-and-Queensbury Pre-Winter shopping trip. Two hours South. I totally should have asked Carole if she was in the area! Didn’t think of that until we got back.

Am I allowed to call it an “annual” drive if it’s the first time we’ve ever done it? We wanted to last year, but we didn’t trust the Jeepalopy to take us there and back. South of Lake George, in Queensbury, it’s sort of an outlet store situation. I know folks always say that outlet prices aren’t what they ought to be, but at least in Queensbury, I find they are. Great quality stuff at great prices (as they say).

In addition to the shopping, the drive is spectacular, especially when the leaves are at peak color. Check this out – Keene Valley, near the AuSable Club …

We’re pretty good on coats and quilt-lining jackets and such. (I have a serious jacket habit.) And we don’t really wear hats. Hate ’em. I use the hood on my parka instead. But, being as we couldn’t get down there last year, when last Winter came, we were still standing in our three-year-old leaky, beat-up New York City pseudo boots. It was seriously time to remedy that. J got some duck boots, and I decided on calf-height, fuzzy-lined, waterproof Bass boots. Of course, I had to try them on in the parking lot to take a photo …

Got to work on our Halloween shopping too. I added a few full-sized skeletons, and I picked up the stuff to make some more gravestones. Now that we have the space, I do a big Halloween thing each year. Satisfies the now-latent theatrical designer in me. I used to love to design shows. Expanding on last year’s graveyard, I’ll be getting to work soon. Big project. Suffice it to say, there’s construction involved, and I’ll be going up a ladder into a tree to hang the theatrical lighting. Right here in little ol’ Gabriels! Here’s a shot from last year …

However, as far as I am concerned, the event of the day was lunch. We went to The Log Jam, a favorite restaurant. We love it. The food is good, and I like the fact that they have an excellent salad bar and fresh bread. But I think the real reason we love it is that it reminds us of eating in Walt Disney World.

How’s your Winter shopping and Halloween plans coming, Friends?



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Fall Bounty

Albeit a little early.

I’m looking out the kitchen window, thinking about tomorrow’s cooler temps, and daydreaming over my bowl of batter. The summer lilies have lost their bloom, and the maples are already turning. It’s at this point that I realize – perhaps fully, for the first time – what The Harvest means. For me, anyhow.

I’m putting a batch of zucchini bread in the oven, and I’ll be making another tomorrow. Zukes abound in these parts. I took an enormous salad (homegrown lettuce, parsley, basil, tomatoes, onions, boiled eggs from the hens) to a gathering at a neighbor’s home last week. Our church hall sports bushels full of gorgeous vegetables each Sunday. Workplace desks around town are fairly loaded with squash and lettuce.

This is one of my favorite things about living in a place full of gardeners – the sharing. Of course, this is all part of something larger – the rural/small town tradition of lending-a-hand and being neighborly. Of truly being in a place with each other. I think the late Summer and early Fall sharing season brings that collective way of life into very clear focus.

My neighbor just gave me some huge zukes, which combined with some flour, sugar, spices, and fresh eggs will become zucchini bread for our Wine Night tomorrow evening. (We all bring a wine we want the others to try.) I’m going to make him an extra loaf of bread to take home. That’s a pretty nifty metaphor to boil it all down to.

“Give me a few of those zukes, neighbor; and I’ll make you dessert. And we’ll have some wine.”

You have a great day too!


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