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Git ‘er Done

Never mind being a dilettante homesteader … hell, we’re doing well just keeping ourselves alive.

Folks, if the chickens get let out at a reasonable hour and the dog doesn’t have to cross his legs, it’s a good day around here. Traditional Fall tasks like raking leaves and carving pumpkins? Please. I consider it a banner day if I manage to wear fresh clothes. 

There’s a saying in these parts – Git ‘er done. Please understand, I am calling up this phrase from the place it originated – the country. I feel I have to explain that, because I understand that the phrase has been co-opted by upwardly mobile middle-class urbanites, in an effort to sound folksy. Didn’t know that, but now that I do, I find it really irritating. I imagine it in circulation at about the same time that those same guys were aping Tom Cruise’s “Show me the money.” (Okay, enough. I’m visibly cringing.)

Anyhow. Git ‘er done. At first, I thought of it as a bit of local color. Just something you hear. Now I now better. When you live in a rural area, there is always a pile of things that needs doing. Git ‘er done is a commiseration. A neighborly way of saying, “Yep. Bet your list is pretty long too. Better get to it. We all better.” And in the country, in the Fall, there is always a chore list. 

I now realize, that while living in New York City, I essentially had a municipal concierge at my service 365 days a year. You see, here in our tiny village, we don’t have garbage men. No mail delivery either. And those few apples for that recipe, or that stray bolt you need for a project? They’re not just downstairs on the avenue. They’re ten miles away in town. The mundane, little-bits-of-life things are more difficult, and you have to do much of it yourself. 

Right about now, people are asking themselves if they have those twenty face cords of wood stacked for Winter heat. Or if they’re a bit more moderne, their wondering if their 1000 lb. propane tank is full. They are thinking about that shrink-wrappy stuff you put on your windows, and they’re wondering if the heat tape on their pipes is in working order. If it ain’t – they’ll be spending an afternoon crawling around the cellar. 

In my case – Have I finished that insulation project on the out-building? Is that outside-vent propane heater the neighbor gave me installed in the cabin? Have I boxed in and insulated the RV so we all don’t succumb to the cold? Have I called the propane company to get a big tank delivered? Am I at least attempting to clean up the demo site, or am I spending too much time worrying about freezing us all to death? Who knows.

Keep plugging away until the snow comes, and git ‘er done.



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