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The Loon Census

Know what’s cool? I’m participating in the annual Adirondack Loon Census on July 18th, from 8am-9am!

Loon-adult-with-2-youngIt works like this – You sign up and stake out a pond (if it hasn’t already been claimed), you check out the loons for an hour on the prescribed day, enjoy nature, spend some time listening to that gorgeous loon tremulous call, take down your results on the provided form, and send it in. Can’t have Black Pond at Paul Smith’s though – that baby’s mine! Awesome. Here’s a few neat loon facts from the WCS Website

  • Loons require a long “runway” of open water to pick up speed before taking off and getting airborne.
  • Loons incubate their eggs for almost a month. Males and females take turns tending the nest.
  • Loons are known for their distinctive, wailing call, but they also hoot, tremolo, and yodel under specific circumstances.

If you’d like to claim a pond of your own, you’ll find additional information about signing up at www.wcs.org/adirondackloons.



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