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A Tour of Rainbow Lake (and Environs)

Minus boathouses. I know they’re really cool, but I figure it’s really rude to take photos of people’s sequestered homes. No matter. The lake was plenty stunning.

I went out on a boat trip with a friend last night, up through Rainbow Lake and to Kushaqua. What an awesome trip. Rainbow Lake is terrific for big sky and sweeping scenery, but I do love the little thickets, bridges, and inlets more towards the dam up at Mud Pond Road. We made the trip up to the dam high and dry, but got rained out a bit upon arrival. No matter. T’aint fun if you don’t get wet. Also – cool to get all the bodies of water cataloged in my noggin map.

I took some photos and made a quick video. Wish I had gotten more, but, ya know … batteries. Have to bring the FlipVid next time. Take a look – awesome. You all have an terrific 4th, and I’ll check you out next week. Happy Summer from the Adirondacks!







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