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Rainy day. Whattaya say we totally co-opt Gettysburg Mom’s idea and write some haikus?

It’s easy. The first line contains five syllables, the second line seven syllables, and the third line contains five syllables. Punctuation is up to you. I like mine without. Give it a shot – it’s fun. The topic? Anything spring-like? Rain? Flowers? Gardens? What you see outside?

Here’s the situation over here a/o this morning –

Tomato plants thrive
With frequent daily downpours
Dark skies yield no fruit


The neighbor’s graveyard
Is built not of rocks and bones
Old tires stand vigil


A quart of yogurt
Expiration July Three
Better get a spoon



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Before Somebody Drops a House on You, Too

Well, goodness.

A certain Adirondack blogger was seriously pissed off by my last post. In fact, said blogger had something rather aggressive to say about my personal thoughts, daydreaming, and potential decisions. And said blogger decided to say it anonymously, even though this person is a regular reader, is a previous commenter (multiple times), and we’ve met in person. This being the 21st Century – Duh. I know who you are. I use WordPress.

Anyhow, Friends, I had a nice big, long post written about how this blogger doesn’t seem to understand that a personal blog is not a newspaper accepting anonymous jackass editorials. But I’m really more of a no-fuss-no-muss kind of guy, so I decided not to post it. My only message for the annon blogger is this – Your link is gone, your comments are gone, and your IP address has been sent to the spam folder. And trust me, I’ll be telling this story (including the details) to my extremely wide and varied circle of friends. (Preferably, at large social and cultural events.)

Should this all not be perfectly clear, annon blogger, let me speak plainly – You’re not welcome here. In the immortal words of my favorite philosopher, Glinda the Good Witch, “You have no power here. Be gone.”

As for me and you Friends, let’s have a great week! I start rehearsals tonight for a new musical I’m playing in the orchestra for. I’ll tell you all about it as the week progresses. Suffice it to say, the hills are alive with … well, you get the idea. Meanwhile, the chickadees are chirping, the chickens are out, and the coffee is on.

You have a great day too!


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Well, huh.

Not much in the mood to post. Not a bad mood per se, just busy and otherwise bewitched. Lots of music work going on, doing a reading of the show I’m writing next weekend. Planting and gardening. The blog is also in the middle of a usual early-Spring slump – always happens for some reason. Visits are way down, and comments are seriously down. And truth be told, I’m a little sick. And I really can’t afford to be sick. Regular barrel of laughs today, ain’t I?  So, I’m figuring that if I don’t feel up to it, and folks aren’t much looking anyway, maybe I’ll take a little break.

In the interim, for our collective edification – Did you know you can grow a garden in a straw bale? You totally can.


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It’s muddy. And warmish.

Yes, yes, I’m obliged to repeat “of course it’s going to snow again,” and “we’re not out of the woods yet,” and all manner of Spring naysayings. You’re not really allowed to mention nice weather around here until well into May. (Someone actually sort of freaked out on me a little bit when I said, “This warm weather seems to be sticking.”) However, with the next two weeks forecasted as sunny and headed for 50F, why not be an optimist?

Thought it was about time for another video blog. Nothing much going on. Oh, wait! I almost forgot – a blog renovation. Thought something cheerier might usher in Spring nicely. Hope you enjoy the redesign. Check out the Gallery – I changed the pics, and the new template allows me to post bigger photos. You know, I thought my link list of friends was a bit long and maybe out of date. So, as I try to do every week or so, I visited every blog on the list, stopping to chat at many. Know what I realized? I really am in touch with each of those bloggers! Awesome.

As for the vidblog – Mud, a visit with the chickens, a few Spring plans. You have a great day too!


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The Stats

Most folks just surf right on it to The Pines, or arrive via a link.

But some do arrive here via search engines. I always like to review what folks have come to my blog searching for – the stats are always interesting, and sometimes good for a laugh, besides. (Do we just love that “crap house” is number two?) Below is a list of some of my favorites from the past year. After the search term, you’ll see the amount of folks that arrived here via that term.

We’ll let the information speak for itself.

smallpines (and variations) 1,970

crap house 72

chickens 71

ghosts 52

adirondacks 44

vegetable garden 22

homesteading 21

roadside stand 40

small fifth wheel 32

chipmunks 15

small pre built cabins 14

pickles 13

nyc apartments 12

saranac lake 11

sasparilla 11

electric meter number 10

1989 jeep cherokee 10

roadside vegetable stand 10

rv life 9

whiteface 8

adirondack winter 8

adirondack mountains 7

anatomy of a chicken 7

i hate trees 7

and finally …

man with very small pines (and variations) 37


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I am the Eggman


Well, the eggs are flowing like water. One day, I got five eggs out of five hens! We’re averaging about three a day. (If you know me well enough, you have assumed by now that I have a spread sheet that adds the totals per week and calculates averages.) I’m totally into the chickens as you know, but I’m having even more fun with the eggs! Three or four fresh eggs a day doesn’t sound like much, but when you’re a two-person family … they pile up!

I made five Quiches on Thanksgiving day – took two to a neighbor’s house for Thanksgiving dinner, one went home with a friend, we ate one, and I kept another for lunch and snacking today. Besides all this, I’ve had eggs on biscuits and such every other day or so, and I still had a dozens eggs sitting here today!

Mentioned it on Facebook, and suffice it to say … the eggs are gone, and the surplus from this coming week is already promised to friends. This is the fun part for me – Not only do I have as many eggs as we can use, I’m having fun finding new recipes to utilize our bounty, and I’m able to give a good amount of eggs away to friends. Hell, at this point, I’m wishing I had a few more hens. Bigger hen house next year and twice the hens, and I’ll have a nice little butter and egg money business. Awesome. 

In bloggy news – You win, Jackie! Thanks to everyone for the fun, but I gotta tell ya, Jackie totally nailed each item in the giveaway. The top bar is a carriage spring, a sickle bar is just below it. The items on the right are from utility poles, specifically they attach to insulators and hold incoming cables. The basket, of course, is for cooking over an open fire, and yep, the rectangular thing is an old electric meter box. I’ll email you today, Jackie!

In literary news, shout out to Oscar Wilde. Rest in peace, my brother. I have a soft spot for Wilde. Would that we all had the strength-of-character to combat a world of trouble and injustice with beautiful words and a sharp wit. Awesome. Famous last words – “Either that wallpaper goes, or I do.”


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Bloggers & Tweeters Unite!


Okay Adirondack Bloggers, Twitterers, and Friends, let’s roll this thing ADK style. I’ve been talking to Tour Pro at Adirondack Base Camp and Bill at High Peaks Resort about organizing a Tweet-Up/Adirondack Blogger Meet-up. In fact, we’ve got one planned.

How does this sound for cool? A TweetUp/MeetUp outdoors, overlooking Mirror Lake, on the deck at Reflections at High Peaks Resort! It’s a gorgeous spot, and we hope that by holding the event in centrally located Lake Placid, we’ll be able to gather many tweeters and bloggers from all sides. Please do come hang out with us- it’s going to be awesome.

Here’s something even more awesome – Whiteface Mountain – @SkiWhiteface at Twitter – has come on board as the sponsor of the event! Thanks, Whiteface! Hope you’re able to visit with us! We’d love to have as many friends as possible. Although no RSVP is required, you can leave a comment here and we’ll know to expect you. Please do pass the word far and wide – you’re more than welcome to copy over this blog post. (That’s a hint.)

The Great Adirondack Meet-up/Tweet-up
Thursday, July 16, 2009 from 5pm to 7pm
High Peaks Resort, 2384 Saranac Ave (at the corner of Main Street)
Lake Placid, New York
The bar will be available, food can be ordered from the menu


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