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Fish and Game(s)

It’s going to a be a big week, but the weekend was relatively quiet.

I helped a neighbor get some siding up, worked at the store a few nights. In the leisure department, I bought a couple of bags of dirt (to me, that counts as leisure), and we went over to the Fish & Game Club’s Flea Market in Saranac Lake. Some tools, a decent Native American booth, but mostly garage-saley type booths and junk stands. But, I was happy for those!

000_1472You know those things you had as a kid – toys or household items you wish you still had? The sort of thing you remember fondly and spend your adulthood trying to find a replacement for. I found one! I had just been thinking, “I wish I had a croquet set.” But not one of the new ones. I wanted an old wooden one, complete with bent wickets. Found one! For ten bucks!

Now, if I just had a little more yard …



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I’ll Fix Your Wagon

My wagon, technically.

Ever run into one of those things you have always wanted, always? I received a pretty awesome Independence Day gift. There was a century old wagon/carriage (technically a buckboard, I believe) on the side of a friend’s antique shop on Saturday morning. When I see these sorts of things, I generally toss away the thought immediately, placing the item directly into the “I can’t possibly afford that” file.

100_1213I wandered over to the store, to say hello, see what’s going on. And the carriage came up in conversation. And it was for sale cheap. Real cheap. (Well, cheap for an antique wagon, I guess.) I immediately hightailed it home and asked if we could afford my dream wagon. After a brief discussion, we decided that if there is something you really have always wanted, and you can even vaguely afford it, go for it. So we did.

And you should have seen us rolling it down the road to our house!

I am now the proud owner of a 100-year-old buckboard, and it’s sitting in front of my wattle fence. It’s a bit rotted out here and there, and the seat & cart are gone, but that’s cool with me. I’ve already started sawing and patching and re-bolting, and I’m going to put the whole thing back together and build a new seat & box. Little bit of repair, rebuilding, and some sanding and painting, and it’ll be awesome. I’ve already trimmed and filled the rotted end of the-things-that-go-on-the-side-of-the-horse, and reattached them.


Awesome. And by the way, if anyone is more familiar with carriage/wagon terms than I am – if you know the actual names of some of the parts of these things (as opposed to the things-that-go-on-the-side-of-the-horse or the-box-on-top), please do enlighten me.


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Half Cracked

As the city house approaches “half packed,” and I approach “half cracked,” I’m thinking less about the city house, and more about the RV and cabin at the Adirondack Place.

100_0478Daydreaming really. There’s a little less, “I have to remember to patch that hole,” and a little more, “These two Adirondacky prints will look good in the RV,” or “The rug beaters will look nice on the cabin walls.” I worry less about repainting apartment walls, and worry more about making the RV look a little more regional. I’m a very firm believer in the theory that surroundings directly affect your well being. So, in the “RV and Cabin” pile, I’ve been sure to include a few Adirondacky things that will instantly spruce the place up.

100_0479I bought most of this stuff in and around the Adirondacks. Gotta have the old candlestand and chair, and a red wool blanket is nearly required. Bought those at the “Giant Chair” antique store on Cascade in Lake Placid. When that little antique shop was still in the Alpine Mall in Lake Placid, the kind owner told me she had a rocking chair I’d like over in the other store. “Just tell them I said you could have it for $50.” Picked up the Eastlake-like table there too. She and I are now nodding towny friends. I run into her in the Blue Moon frequently.

100_0480Toss in a couple of rug beaters from the Log Cabin next to the parking lot in Lake Placid, a few rustic prints from Burlington, my accordion, and my easel and paint stuff, and I think we’ll be pretty Adirondackally presentable right off the bat!


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Saranac Lake, 61 Years Ago Today

I think old newspapers – and especially old ads – are fascinating. Windows to a world gone by, and all that.

I was recently looking through an April, 1948 edition of our local paper – Saranac Lake’s Adirondack Daily Enterprise, archived at Northern New York Historical Newspapers. I found it really interesting that nearly every ad is either nightclub/bar/entertainment related, or ladies-in-the-home stuff.

I’ll catch you later. We’re scooting over to the Pontiac to catch that new flick Bambi, and then we’re driving out to The Birches for dinner. Maybe to The Top Hat after that for drinks.








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