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Mayor Who

I love moss.

100_1031I adore my shady Alpine Garden area on the side of the property, and the mosses and lichens (et al) are a big part of why. It’s my favorite part of the property. (And I spend way too much time fussing with it.)

Just as the spruces and pines hold court on high, reaching several stories to the sky; the groundlings majestically anchor the lower reaches. Too grand a description for mere moss? My adored genius Gilbert might call it “airy persiflage.” Nah. I love the side yard kingdom, lichens included.

I imagine that Dr. Seuss must have known a thing or two about these fascinating bottom dwellers. Sometimes I’ll notice a little trumpet-shaped umbrella or a tiny twiggy tree, and I can imagine Cindy Lou playing underneath it. So, today friends, we’re featuring my own little Who-ville.




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