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City Boy?

I dunno.

Maybe you can take the boy out of the city, but you can’t take the city out of the boy. Maybe we’ve found that we need a little town with our country. Fact is, we now live in downtown Saranac Lake, and we love it. I love walking to shops. I love seeing the fireworks (New Year’s Eve) from our window. I love living in a walkable “Main Street USA” sort of village that has wilderness, boating, and hiking trails within walking distance.

I won’t be too overt location-wise, but we’re pretty much right here at the corner of whosits and whatsis. If I had my windows open, you could call my name from the library steps and I’d hear you.

We’re functionally moved in for now, and we’ll be completely moved in soon. (The RV/Cabin stuff has been moved, but we still need to get the really juicy stuff out of the storage unit.) Meanwhile, it’s fun to be buying curtain rods and pulling things together. Not surprisingly, now that we have a full-size refrigerator and freezer, I’ve become obsessed with freezing things. I think there’s an extra five pounds of mashed potatoes and enough meat for two weeks up in there.

Here’s a few more moving-in-week shots. Nothing’s finished, but we’re getting there.



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A for Effort

Ask and ye shall receive. In fact, Friends, I do have the floorplan for that I-Hop looking A-frame house that I like so much. (Should we start calling it The Pancake House?) Here ’tis. Wheels are slowly turning. (Won’t this be a total downer if we can’t find a loan that works for us?) But, as I say, we’re investigating. Dare I say … the big giant hole from the old house is going to be filled at the end of August? We’re getting there!

Very clever the way they used the storage along the wall to take care of the slant in the kitchen, I thought. There’s a 12×12 loft on the second floor of this plan, but I figure you don’t need to look at a 12×12 square. Could be a ladder or a little metal spiral staircase up. The second plan under consideration is slightly different fit for the site. Much the same only it has a real staircase and small second floor (as opposed to just a loft).


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A House Without Walls

We’re crazy.

We like novelty. We are lovers of originality. Curiosities. Art. We want an A-frame house. An impractical, odd-looking, Alpined-out, pokey-pointy, I-Hop looking A-frame house. We’re on more solid ground this year, and we’re starting to think – in a very tentative way – about home loans. Let’s put it this way – If we get our courage up in the next few months, we might visit a few loan specialists.

Anyhow. Back to the A-frame. We’ve actually wanted one all along. When tossing that idea around out loud, I got a lot of negatives back. “You’ll have no vertical walls … the space is inefficient … too expensive … roofs are the most costly part of a house.”

I don’t really think so. You know how it is when you’re talking houses. Suddenly everybody’s a designer. At any rate – I have a suspicion that the naysayers are just plain wrong. I’m finding way too many builders that say A-frames are hands-down, the most cost-efficient of all home styles. After all, the roof is the walls – no wall framing, sheathing, siding. And I’m thinking, easy to heat.

As far as design goes, the odd interior space doesn’t bother me. Part of the whole A-frame milieu. I know some folks might not take to it, but I think it’s pretty neat. I figure you’re either an A-frame person or you’re not. On the outside, the shape fits our building footprint perfectly.

Another big plus is the limited amount of maintenance. Seriously. With the triangular shape and roof lines reaching to the ground, heavy snow loads are no big deal. No painting. No need to wash vinyl siding or take care of wood. And I like the extra living space in the loft. Spiral staircase, most likely. Don’t want to be climbing up a ladder when I’m 70.

The homes pictured here are maybe a little small for our plans. I found a reputable  blueprints/plans company that have stock plans for a 22×33′ house, which is just about exactly the footprint we’d like to build on. Need to get a quote for customizing, speak to bank-type folks and see if we’d be permitted to change a few things … altering windows and finishes and such. Need to check the foundation specs and such with our Codes Supervisor. All this work, and the thing is only a distant consideration!

Below is the front elevation from the actual house plan I’ve been looking at. I’d want it to be a little more Alpine (like the photo at the top of the page) and a little less California 60s Mod. Easy enough though. That’s all just windows and finishes, change the railing, add some verge board.

Generally need to get a handle on it all. It’s a pretty good Winter project, right?

You have a great day too!


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