About Us

full-moonWelcome to Small Pines, our humble corner of the Adirondack Mountains, in Northern New York State.

In May of 2006, we hopped in a rental car, drove six hours due North of our New York City home, and followed our real estate agent to a run down, overgrown, one-acre property in the Northern Adirondacks. It included way-too-much wetland, a huge junk pile, and a 130 year old water-damaged house that needed to be torn down … a real dump of a place, but in the sweetest rural village ever, near a favorite town, in a gorgeous valley. We bought it.

We met our wonderful neighbors. We cut back tons of brush. We sent a sample of our scary brown water to a lab. We hauled off truckloads of junk. We had a tiny prefab cabin built. We planted more trees. And we began thinking about moving permanently from our home in eight-million person New York City to this rural village of two-hundred and fifty.

At the end of May 2009, that’s exactly what we did – ready or not, there we went. We now live in our 32′ RV, and we use the cabin as a small library/study/guest room. We have garden beds to grow some of our own food. We’re tearing the old house down by hand (and tractor). And we’re mighty happy about it all.

Thanks for visiting!