A Typical Monday

Here are just a few examples of why St. Luke’s is never a boring place to work. In fact often, it’s downright fun.

I’m usually the first one in, so I unlock the doors. Mondays and Thursdays specifically are Community Lunch Box days – an awesome program that provides nutritious, homemade meals to folks who might not otherwise have nutritious food. Also an opportunity for fellowship.

After unlocking the doors, I usually sit down to drink some of my coffee and have something to eat. Today I had my coffee and a donut, and the day seemed to be moving along in a fairly normal fashion. The most unusual thing that happened was that I missed unlocking one of the doors. Mother Ann caught it. Following my little breakfast this morning, I got some music work done, and made some notes for a meeting. Pretty ho-hum.

Most days, I like to observe Terce (or Third Hour) – my short organ/prayer service that I enjoy. My personal version is mainly psalms and a few chants or carols of my choice on the organ at 9am. Very nice today, and I found some neat music.

Later this morning, Mother Ann and I were meeting in her office, going through some music and Christmas things. I had some information to relay to concerning next week’s music. Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang on the door. Some car hit the railing out front.

While Mother Ann was outside dealing with that, I went back into the main church building to get my big fat music book. I went back into her office and sat down. I realized I forgot a piece of paper I wanted, so I went and got it. I went back into Mother Ann’s office and sat down. After a few minutes, I decided I wanted my coffee, so I went to get it. And then I went back into the office and sat down.

As I am coming down the hallway the final time, one of the Lunchbox volunteer guys is staring me down really weirdly. He follows me into Mother Ann’s office and asks if he can help me. I simply say, “No,” and continue to sit there, going back to the notes I am looking at. He asks if I am waiting for someone. While I am thinking to myself, “What on Earth is this guy doing in here?” I explain, “Yes. I’m waiting for Mother Ann.” He turns around and leaves. Odd.

It is at this point that it dawns on me – I am not exactly the most conservative-looking church organist in the world, and today I happened to be unshaven, wearing old flannel, and sporting work boots … repeatedly walking in and out of the Priest’s office while she’s outside.

Dress for success, friends. Dress for success.


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  1. My mom was the secretary at a Methodist Church for 30 years and I would often go to work with her during school vacations. Sometimes I’d help her with simple things like folding the Sunday bulletins or I’d read or draw. Your post took me right back there…starting with unlocking the doors.

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