Advice from the Wilders

Twelve hour power outage yesterday.

The electricity went out at about one in the afternoon, coming back on at about one in the morning. Odd thing being, it took me a while to notice it. With the battery backup and 12v system in the RV, the only things that need grid power are the microwave, air conditioner, and wall sockets. Although my computer ran out of juice, I hardly needed the air conditioner. And we had light, water, the furnace, and the ability to cook.

Although we probably had two days worth of power if we were conservative, we decided to be super-conservative. If this ended up lasting a few days, I wanted the furnace working as long as possible. Of course, I still allowed myself the luxury of a shower at night and a shower in the morning. That’s the best part of having power even if the lines are down – the 12v water pump still works.

If the outage had gone on for several days, we would have (as we have before) gone pioneer and moved out to the tinycabin, stoking the woodstove for heat. We’d use the propane stove. We would toss a five gallon bucket on a rope down the well to get water, and then heat it on the woodstove. We’d take a half-bath in a washtub.

And then Laura Ingalls Wilder would walk in and whisper, “Hey stupid, the power’s been back on for three hours!”




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5 responses to “Advice from the Wilders

  1. I love the whole suvivalist mentality. Just because the electricty is out, doesn’t mean that life can’t go on for heavens sake.

  2. I can just imagine the look on Laura’s face when she walks in on the “survival bath”.

  3. I bet you handled it better than a lot of the native ‘dackers!

  4. I love your two-step process to keeping things together. If step one runs out of juice, on to step two. Perfect.

    Our biggest headache is water. Our well is very deep and has a big ol pump. I’m thinking we need a natural gas generator to hook up and use in power outages. For the rest, we’re set. You know once a few years back the power people had to come down to the house to tell us to turn the main breaker back on. Seems they’d been working several hours trying to get us back up–everyone else was back on but we’d flipped the main breaker and were right cozy!

  5. Come to think of it, isn’t Alonzo Wilder’s family homestead just outside Malone?

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