Rest in Pieces

The gravestones have been prepared.


The graveyard fence is being built.

The ghouls are in queue, waiting to emerge.

The lights and electronics have been tested. And (a few miles?) of extension cords, power strips, and black tie line have been assembled.

Must almost be time for the annual Gabriels Graveyard! Can we call it a local institution if it’s only the second year?



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10 responses to “Rest in Pieces

  1. Kathy P.

    I suppose there’s no room for skeletons in the closet of the RV, so they’re hanging out in the sheddy cabin now. Love the “expression” of the one on the left. LOL.

  2. Yep – LOL – All the Halloween stuff has to live in the storage unit in Plattsburgh during the year … and in the corner of the cabin until I get it all hung and put up! I finished a lot of the fence this evening, thanks to help from a neighbor. =)

  3. hideawayhill

    It’s looking good already! It’s going to be awesome when all done!

  4. Sandy

    The ghosties and goblins and going to fly hither to your haunt on Halloween!! You must prepare a special brew to cast a protective spell on y’all. I’m in deep trouble with them because I already ate a bag of Halloween candy. Or two.

  5. Anonymous

    OOOOOOOOOO….can’t wait to see all that you are up to.

  6. Susannah

    OOOOOOOOO….can’t wait to see what you are up to!

  7. themac

    I love this time of the year!!!!! I can’t wait to see your creation this year.

  8. Meredith

    I envy your gravestones and ghouls! very cool!

  9. Boy, you do it right! We have only a couple punkins and some mums out, no time to decorate this year. Your place is going to be fantastic–please post pics!

  10. Where ar the pics of this years display.
    You are so talented and I look forward to the creative things you have done.

    Pictures or film please!

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