Down South, Adirondack Style

It was time for the annual Drive-to-Lake-George-and-Queensbury Pre-Winter shopping trip. Two hours South. I totally should have asked Carole if she was in the area! Didn’t think of that until we got back.

Am I allowed to call it an “annual” drive if it’s the first time we’ve ever done it? We wanted to last year, but we didn’t trust the Jeepalopy to take us there and back. South of Lake George, in Queensbury, it’s sort of an outlet store situation. I know folks always say that outlet prices aren’t what they ought to be, but at least in Queensbury, I find they are. Great quality stuff at great prices (as they say).

In addition to the shopping, the drive is spectacular, especially when the leaves are at peak color. Check this out – Keene Valley, near the AuSable Club …

We’re pretty good on coats and quilt-lining jackets and such. (I have a serious jacket habit.) And we don’t really wear hats. Hate ’em. I use the hood on my parka instead. But, being as we couldn’t get down there last year, when last Winter came, we were still standing in our three-year-old leaky, beat-up New York City pseudo boots. It was seriously time to remedy that. J got some duck boots, and I decided on calf-height, fuzzy-lined, waterproof Bass boots. Of course, I had to try them on in the parking lot to take a photo …

Got to work on our Halloween shopping too. I added a few full-sized skeletons, and I picked up the stuff to make some more gravestones. Now that we have the space, I do a big Halloween thing each year. Satisfies the now-latent theatrical designer in me. I used to love to design shows. Expanding on last year’s graveyard, I’ll be getting to work soon. Big project.ย Suffice it to say, there’s construction involved, and I’ll be going up a ladder into a tree to hang the theatrical lighting. Right here in little ol’ Gabriels! Here’s a shot from last year …

However, as far as I am concerned, the event of the day was lunch. We went to The Log Jam, a favorite restaurant. We love it.ย The food is good, and I like the fact that they have an excellent salad bar and fresh bread. But I think the real reason we love it is that it reminds us of eating in Walt Disney World.

How’s your Winter shopping and Halloween plans coming, Friends?



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7 responses to “Down South, Adirondack Style

  1. hideawayhill

    Ooooo…..thank you for reminding me of the Log Jam! My sister is coming in from CA and we are headed down to see son, DIL, and grandbaby next weekend. I believe my cousin is coming in from Boston too. Sounds like that’s where we need to go. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’ve always loved going to the outlets down there….and the mall…and the other shops along the way. It’s different from here so it’s good!

    Love the boots/shorts look. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Kate

    Dude, you were in m ‘hood! I lived about 9 minutes from the outlets before I moved to LA. I wait to do a lot of my shopping until I go home. Even with shipping, I save money over LA prices and taxes.

  3. Nice Boots ๐Ÿ™‚

    Alec is deep into Halloween planning. apparently 2 dozen tiki torches are not enough, and he’s got his eye on the fog machine/gravestone at the Halloween store in Tyler.

    the mice got into the foam gravestones- please agree with me that it adds “character” *~*

    I’m just hoping we have an actual house to even make haunted for the event…

  4. Gorgeous colours and photos : )
    I’m a hat fan. I have a fluffy pink Kangol one – not sure where it is right now! I need to dig it out!! Loving the lifestyle you have – ours isn’t quite so rural, but I can aspire : )

  5. LOL! We were actually up that-a-way TODAY. And I had a Coach outlet coupon tucked in my purse just in case we stopped at the outlets (I’ll probably pick out a purse for the hubby to give me for Christmas), but we didn’t actually end up stopping at the outlets – spent too much time soaking up our half built cabin. ๐Ÿ™‚ But yeah – some great deals to be had there, love those boots! They look nice n cozy! ๐Ÿ™‚ And OMG, the Log Jam – love that place too, and yeah, great salad bar. Our daughter likes the bear footprints on the floor that lead to the bathrooms. ๐Ÿ˜€ Can’t wait to see your Halloween display this year!

  6. themac

    Love the outlets! I make it down twice a year to do A Big Shop. Even though it’s farther away than the ‘Burgh, I don’t mind the drive at all. And, if you go up to exit 36 on your way home, you can stop at Pray’s farm stand and get cheap and farm fresh yumminess!!

    Love the boots!!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. You were down in “our” neck of the woods – our camp is on the Eastern shore of Lake George about 20 minutes north of Whitehall. We’ve eaten at the Logjam and go to Queensbury from time to time to buy stuff we want and need. We were up for a week last week and the leaves were at their finest by the end of the week. Gorgeous foliage this year – better than last.

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