Beauty is Pain

A post in which our hero prepares for the coming season.

I am here, Friends, on a folding chair next to the organ bench. I’m on a folding chair because my back hurts. My back hurts because it’s Fall. Not following me? It’s a keyboardist thing – sitting on a piano and organ bench most of each day for a week … you get the idea.

The Fall season kickoff is upon us. The choir I accompany is starting up again, and I have two new groups to choose, organize, and direct music for. (Handbells! Ding-dong.) Besides, I want to have some really special organ solos for a few of the special days coming up. Yesterday alone, I went over and over two pieces from Bach, and repeated several others multiple times from a Bach son, Beethoven, Haydn, Elgar, Mozart, Rutter, some guy I can’t remember the name of, and several hymnodists.

To give you an idea of the volume of music coming up, I counted. (I know, childish.) I currently have 27 pieces of music on deck, many of them lengthy pieces by old masters. It’s a lot. But, do let’s be completely honest. I love playing and learning new music. I even usually enjoy practicing. And sure, when you’re into the music, all ills fade away. Even during rehearsal.

And you learn the tricks. You pace yourself. You save bookwork/writing/arranging for later in the week because you know your back will bother you and you’ll want to sit in a chair instead of on the bench. I have a few favorite places I like to sit outside on the church campus to take a break (pictured). In my previous vocation (musical theatre), I tried to always remember that to me, the biggest part of the job is providing people with something beautiful. I think of my job here at the church the same way. Art and beauty are important, and often, we don’t get quite enough of it nowadays.

But, I have to tell you … I’m leaving at noon today, taking two days to relax, and I’m not sitting in a chair that doesn’t have back support until Sunday morning!

You have a great day too!



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2 responses to “Beauty is Pain

  1. even though I am just an amature musicial myself, I do understand.
    i play (not allowed to use the word practice) several hours a day most days I am home and sometimes even when on the road.
    i use a three corner stool and bend too much over my dulcimer so I do know about sore backs and sore fingers too. And yes, I wouldn’t do it if I didn’t love it.

  2. Pamela

    You need to do some Alexander Technique!

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