State Fair Chapter Four

Best part of the fair? The traditional crafts area. Spinning, weaving, a working log cabin, broom making. Awesome. I bought a hand made broom. Awesome.



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4 responses to “State Fair Chapter Four

  1. Lynne on the Cape

    I never knew about that area!! You have just convinced me to go next year. The little shingled house is finally on the market. It’s a happy sad kind of thing. But I am hoping more fiberly crafting will be in the cards for me. Glad to see you are enjoying the Fair!

  2. themac

    Who knew you’d go to the fair and come home with a broom?!? Awesome! I’m so happy the weather worked out for you.

  3. Our fair doesn’t have a traditional crafts area, so to speak. We have a blacksmith that wears a handkerchief and says “If they would have had it, they would have worn it,” and talks about bringing in some kind of electrical do-hinky to work the fire. The log cabin is run traditionally. We have a “bodger” – carves bowls with a spring-pole lathe. But the rest of “Heritage Square” is full of all-ready-made articles but no demonstrations. And NO brooms! Sigh. I’d love to come to your fair someday. Is it as big as ours? Probably bigger – you have more people.

  4. Wow…our fair isn’t anything like that!

    Sorry I haven’t stopped by your blog in a while; canning, harvest, market, blah-de-blah…you know how it goes! Hope your back feels better soon.

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