Late Summer Blooms

The perennials have bloomed their last, the lily and hosta stalks are more and more brown each day, and the catnip is more silver than green these days. Yes Friends, my favorite perennial beds are nearly spent. However, the annuals I sprinkled here and there have taken up the slack. And the big patch of sunflowers? I’m predicting quite a spectacle in about three days!



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7 responses to “Late Summer Blooms

  1. Susannah

    Gorgeous! I have been waiting for those sunflowers to bloom!

  2. hideawayhill

    Beautiful! You’ve done an awesome job with landscaping!

  3. Well, ya know. I only take pictures of the pretty stuff … the ugly areas I leave alone! LOL

  4. Beautiful combinations. I’m still jealous of all your rocks 🙂 I don’t have good rocks here – mostly shaley stuff.

  5. corky wolf

    you have a very good camera.

  6. Thanks all! I actually have NO camera! LOL That’s my cell phone camera! We were just talking about needing to buy a proper camera.

  7. My flowers are pitiful to nonexistent right now, thanks to the terrible heat this summer. Your sunflowers are awesome! Should be quite a show for Labor Day, I’d say.

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