Our State Fair is a Great State Fair

The old song. Rogers and Hammerstein. Anyone?

We’re going to the New York State Fair in about a week and a half. Can’t wait! Carnival rides? Animal and agricultural exhibits? Old-timey reenactments? A haunted house? Tents featuring local foods? Visit, hell. I might just move in. I used to totally do the whole all-the-rides thing, but as I’m sure many others have learned, age is now preventing me from going on anything that spins or goes in a circle. Especially if it’s going fast. I’ll still totally do rollercoasters, ferris wheels, haunted houses, halls of mirrors, and water rides though. Awesome.

I’ve never been to a state fair. I generally find the county fairs small and boring, so I’m awfully excited about the super-sized version. I was looking at the exhibits and schedules, and I started taking down a list of things I can’t miss. (Luckily,  someone whose name starts with “Mere” and ends with “dith” who we’re going to be visiting in Syracuse, has a very similar list to mine.) And I suppose, to be fair, a lot of the things on my list are sort of quick walk-throughs or short look-ats. Hey, what would be on the top of your list for your state fair?

This is my Short List …

  • 18th century farm life demos in the Agricultural Museum
  • The barns … can’t miss the Ag & Livestock shows!
  • Empire State Theatre & Musical Instrument Museum … with Organ Recitals!
  • Pie, jam, jelly, cakes, et al
  • The Dairy Barn – New York State milk for cheap, and local cheese!
  • The Haunted House
  • The (Landmarked) Horticulture House, exhibits of NYS native flora
  • International Exhibit – Empanadas, Bratwurst, Tempura, Baklava …
  • Iroquois Village – Including gifts, food, traditional crafts for the Six Nations
  • Petting Zoo. They have a giraffe. ‘Nuff said.
  • Pride of New York General Store – Featuring only NYS items

The list is already long! This doesn’t even include whatever few rides we might want to avail ourselves of. Well, one thing’s for sure. There’s no way I’m going to miss the life size butter and cheese sculptures!



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6 responses to “Our State Fair is a Great State Fair

  1. hideawayhill

    I’ve never been, but it sounds like great fun and I ought to think about going one year. Your choice of exhibits all suit me except for roller coasters and the like. Hope it’s a great trip and you post lots of pictures of everything!

    I do remember going to the Danbury fair as a kid. I think that was a state fair but I could be wrong. And the Vt. fair isn’t far…why haven’t I gone to that?

    Is that pic butter or cheese?

  2. Mere-dith

    Cool! let me know if you want me to pick up a book of Midway tickets for you guys. Most rides are at least 2 tickets. A book of 24 tickets is $14.00, which is $10 cheaper than if you wait and buy them that day.
    I bought a pack for us and may get another because some rides Mike may need to go on with them. I stick to games and feet on the ground things mostly:)
    Friday also appears to be unlimited ride day for $25 per person. I am not doing that, because I dont plan on spending too much time in the midway.

  3. themac

    You know where I grew up, EVERYONE went to the fair every year for at least a day or 2. Sometimes more. There’s SO much to do!! From the age of 6 to 16, I went for almost every day.

    My suggestions: Get The Milk. It’s in the same building as the butter sculpture. It’s still $.25 a cup and it’s AMAZING. The line goes quickly so don’t be frustrated if it’s long…get 2 or 3 cups!!!
    See the pink chickens in the ag building.
    See the really cool Indian stuff that’s in the shade and off the beatin’ path. (The really good gyros are down there!)

    Those are the 3 musts. There are also everything else you can think of!!! Have tons of fun!!

  4. I’m not sure which that pic is – butter of cheese. I hope it’s butter. Seems a little less gross. LOL

  5. Mere-dith

    That is a butter sculpture . It is always housed in a giant refrigerator on a pedestal that rotates.

  6. PNelba

    You might enjoy the Champlain Valley Fair in Essex VT. Opens Aug. 28. It’s a larger, more upscale version of a county fair.


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