It Won’t Be Long Now

The sunflower blossoms are starting to open! Saw my first one today. Looks like the small and mediums are going to bloom nicely. The giants haven’t quite gotten tall enough to have blossoms yet, but there’s still hope for them too.

I have a pile of rags and a tube of stove blacking all ready. Today I’ll be sprucing up the woodstove for the new season. Might climb up on the tinycabin roof too – looks like I have a little leak. I think I might have forgotten to high-temp caulk around the collar of the chimney or something. I think it’ll be an easy fix, whatever it is. It’s hardly rocket science up there.

You have a great day too!


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4 responses to “It Won’t Be Long Now

  1. I loved this photo on Adirondack Gardener, I live in the area she was referring to, but have never seen these.

  2. Mere

    are they open today? I want to see!

  3. themac

    I cannot wait to see your grove!! My sunflowers are hanging their heads low as they are past their prime.

    Beautiful pic, Kathy!

  4. Irish45

    So great to see your gardens doing so well. It has been a spectacular year for ours and we have never, ever had so many roses, climbing all over the fences and buildings. Also, Trumpeter Vine, Burning Bush, Funkia and my new Wisteria. This will be a test to see if Wisteria can survive the Adirondack winter. If it does, I will have lots more. They are just lovely and climb all over the fences,
    With huge influx of wide variety of birds to our feeders, we are putting out 2 quarts per day and that is all the time it last. Whew” Keep the pictures coming. Really enjoy them and my home town area. IRISH45

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