A for Effort

Ask and ye shall receive. In fact, Friends, I do have the floorplan for that I-Hop looking A-frame house that I like so much. (Should we start calling it The Pancake House?) Here ’tis. Wheels are slowly turning. (Won’t this be a total downer if we can’t find a loan that works for us?) But, as I say, we’re investigating. Dare I say … the big giant hole from the old house is going to be filled at the end of August? We’re getting there!

Very clever the way they used the storage along the wall to take care of the slant in the kitchen, I thought. There’s a 12×12 loft on the second floor of this plan, but I figure you don’t need to look at a 12×12 square. Could be a ladder or a little metal spiral staircase up. The second plan under consideration is slightly different fit for the site. Much the same only it has a real staircase and small second floor (as opposed to just a loft).



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8 responses to “A for Effort

  1. I vote for Small Pines Pancake House #2 (the one with the real stairs) – I like that it has a back entry as well as the one in the front. Plus the kitchen has a bit more counter space which would be important for me. This project will make for some very interesting blog posts I think!

  2. themac

    My 2 cents: I’d move the location of the potty. For one, what if you’re busy in the kitchen and someone has to go past you to pee and knock into you as your headed from the stove to the sink to drain your pasta? Plus, ummmm…the aroma from the potty into the kitchen = ewww!!

    Also, where are the wheels for this place? Are you thinking you’ll live in a place that has no wheels??? HA HA!

  3. where is the washer/dryer? I’d want a root cellar and a large kitchen pantry.

  4. Ooh, I also like #2 as well. I also like the “real” stairs and back entry like Kathy P. (Trying to get any furniture larger than a night table up spiral stairs can be a nearly impossible feat.) Keep us posted on your ideas and other plans you find, this is fun, thanks for sharing. 🙂

  5. Yeah, I thought about the location of the bathroom. I could swap sides with the ground floor BR though. I could easily open a trap down into the crawlspace for a root cellar. I could take a chunk out of the LR for a stacked washer and dryer, perhaps. Not something we absolutely need, but it would be nice I guess.

  6. Ron Harris

    Phil I also prefer plan # 2. How about swapping the kitchen and bath locations? This would give you a real window in a room that gets a lot of use, puts the bath in a convenient location for guests and keeps plumbing clustered.

    I have never been in a private, A-frame home but wonder how the natural lighting is. Would our normal December and January light deprivation be compounded in an A-frame? Obviously skylights would help with the light but I have yet to hear of any that are trouble-free, i.e. don’t eventually leak.

  7. I like #2 as well. I think for the most part, we’d be okay with light except for the bedroom, which I don’t really care much about. That wall of mostly windows would be facing south/southwest, so I think we’d be in good shape. I was thinking exactly the same thing about skylights – I have yet to meet a trouble-free version.

  8. Keith

    Just came across this article and immediately thought of you: http://www.readymade.com/magazine/slideshow/ill_take_the_a_frame

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