It’s time to catch up, huh Friends?

No post in how many days? I’m supposing I haven’t had much to say, other than simply, Life is Lovely. Summer is beginning to wane.

Of course, around here, you hear a quip or two about that, but we don’t mind it. Late Summer and Fall are our very favorite seasons. So, you see, noticing that the maples are just beginning to turn … That’s a lovely thing, I think.

Town festivals abound, organ work at the church continues in a lovely manner (I have a heck of a Beethoven Variations postlude planned for this Sunday), evenings are a little cooler, we’re eating out of the garden, I’m beginning to plan our Halloween Display Spectacular, and the sunflowers are just beginning to bloom.

Oh, yeah. That’s gonna be a lot of sunflowers.

You have a great day too!



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8 responses to “Lovely

  1. It’s so hard to believe that summer is already on its way out. How does that happen so fast? But I don’t mind, either. The next two months are easily my favorite time of year. Enjoy it!

  2. Sounds like Life is Good! Everything looks lovely my dear…(Spring and Fall are my favorite times)

  3. c

    Ha! I love subscribing to the blogs of people up north for this exact reason! In hot (107′ heat index) humid south Louisiana, our sunflowers are shriveled, bleached, hot piles of bird food now. It’s so great to see photos of promise and bounty from another part of the U.S.! As we wind down, y’all are still going strong!

  4. themac

    Awesome! Still going strong. I can’t wait to see the sea of yellow petals!!

  5. Will you leave them standing for the birds? I’ve had a bumper crop of purple cone flower blossoms this year and I leave them for the birds over the winter. By spring, every one of the seed heads will be picked clean.

    Please post pictures when they’re at their peak. I’m sure they’ll be beautiful.

  6. I love your blog, it centers me, makes me feel grounded. My husband is a church musician so I get it. We have cabin/lodge (can’t decide what to call it) in the ANF that we are “renovating” so I love following your progress. I am a terrible blogger, random and intermittent. Your blog rocks.

  7. Thanks for all the nice messages, all! Kathy – Yep. I’m going to leave them for the birds. It’ll be nice to have some food out for “the locals” during the Winter, and nice to see them. Can’t wait until the flowers open!

  8. sharing–yes, that’s exactly it. I love being able to give cucumbers, tomatoes, corn and anything else extra to others. It’s a feeling of richness, isnt it?

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