Dishwater Day 07.30.10

It’s Dishwater Day, friends. You know – a blog post full of all the things I still had sitting in the sink after I cleaned up. Enjoy the photos, and you have a great day too!

Mister Twiggy Guarding the Onions

The new Hanging Waterer and Feeder Arrangement

The Chickens have an Italian Breakfast



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2 responses to “Dishwater Day 07.30.10

  1. The chickens eating the spaghetti just crack me up. Crack. me. up.

    Full disclosure: I am easily amused.

    Hope you’re having an awesome Adirondack Summer!

  2. themac

    You’re onions are huge compared to mine. However as compact as mine are, they are strong!! Poor onion loving B took a bite of fresh onion, and his tongue almost sweat to death! Poor boy!!

    LOVE Twiggy!

    What’s going on in the front yard?

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