I Think They’ll Live

Remember the tiny one-inch sprouts in the “Sunflower Forest” I planted alongside the road? The little sprouty peepers I showed you a photo of a few weeks ago? Some of them are almost five feet tall!

Never mind zucchini … if these all bloom, I’m going to have thousands of sunflowers!



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4 responses to “I Think They’ll Live

  1. Anonymous

    What a FANTASTIC bunch of Sunflowers to be…
    Are you going to be drying any of them out?

    Really impressed with all your Gardens…

    Always My Best~Marilyn

  2. Now, Marilyn, how did I manage to completely forget I could hang and dry a bunch of them?! PERFECT for the little cabin!! Thanks!

  3. hideawayhill

    Wow! What’s your secret? Your birds will be happy all winter long!

  4. themac

    Awesome!!! I can’t wait to see how huge they get! My sunflowers vary from 2 feet to 7 feet and they are in bloom now or very soon.

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