Adirondack Skies

Around here, we’re always commenting on the skies.

We see a lot of sky. We have a nice clear shot at home. (It would be clearer if they hadn’t installed that damned street light.) The view we see on our six-mile daily commute is pretty amazing too. Across the little mountains back behind Gabriels, then over the peaks beyond Saranac Lake, and finally, across the entire valley, past Bloomingdale and over Whiteface. Lots of sky. It’s amazing to be able to see entire weather systems, and to be lucky enough to quite literally drive through clouds. The quality of the light and sky is different here. We usually explain it by saying, “The sky seems a lot closer.”

I snapped this pic standing in the driveway just now, between thunderstorms. I think it looks like a monster mouth in the middle of the photo is eating the universe. (Isn’t there something like that in Ghostbusters?)

Below is the famous view from Donnelly’s ice cream stand in Harrietstown, over to and across the valley, past Bloomingdale, past Whiteface and the other peaks. It’s amazing how this view changes from day to day, from season to season.

This next one is from a few years ago – another yard shot – when we were still camping out in the cabin during Summers. I noticed it was particularly bright out … Get a load of that moon!

Yeah, it’s the classic view, from the top of Whiteface Mountain. Just about everybody who has ever visited Lake Placid has this photo. But I never get tired of it.

Happy view! You have a great day too!



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2 responses to “Adirondack Skies

  1. Susannah

    I love your sky pictures! But I especially like the pic from Whiteface…always have, always will!

  2. Keith

    The 270 degree panoramic view just up the hill from you and the view from 86 near Donnelly’s are two of my favorite places. I never, ever get tired of either one.

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