The Tiny Beach

I’ll admit that I really dislike exercise in a fairly considerable way.

But I love swimming. Why did it take me so long to realize that swimming is exercise? I have no idea. And in this part of the Northern Adirondacks, there’s no shortage of swimming opportunities. When one friend invited me to the-pond-that-shall-not-be-named, and then another friend suggested exactly the same pond, I decided to call it fate. We have dozens of awesome swimming holes within five miles of our place. But this one is super, super close. Less than two miles from home. Needless to say, I’ve been down at the pond three-days-out-of-three so far.

It’s little. If you had ten people on the landing/beach, it would be seriously crowded. But usually, you’re the only one there. The proximity is a lot of the attraction with this particular site, but I also like it because it’s fairly hidden, a bit of a secret, because it’s more sandy than mucky, and because the short walk down to the pond is just as much of a treat as the water.

I don’t like seaweed and muck, so the fact that the tiny entrance “beach” has a sandy bottom is a big plus. Of course, it tuns to goop a little ways out, but by then, you can’t touch the bottom much anyway. The water has been awesome – nice and warm, with a cool current coming past every now and then. Even after the storm we had yesterday, the water was still super warm.

I suppose I’ll soon be getting to the point where I want a little more of a challenge than swimming 75 feet across the pond and back, but for now, it’s just enough of a swim for me. I do two or three back-and-forth laps each time I go.

Hey, look! That’s me out there!


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9 responses to “The Tiny Beach

  1. hideawayhill

    It’s so nice to have a private place to go! Enjoy!

  2. three or four laps? I couldn’t swim across ONCE- I’d be beggin’ Champ to eat me after about 25 feet :LOL:

  3. Don’t be too impressed, Sheri. I do ’em on my back, and I butterfly.

  4. Can you hear the wails of envy all the way up there?

  5. Oh it looks so peaceful and magical there. I love your photos of the place. Keep it a secret…

  6. Looks like a delightful place to swim! Nice photos!

  7. Schroon River down by us has been great this season too! It’s a lot warmer than usual. I prefer floating to swimming. Our beach is on the edge of a quiet lagoony sort of spot. I float for hours sometimes, though I prefer the end of the day because of the strong Adirondack sun. We hit 112 in the sun last week!

  8. Wow great pictures. What a beautiful location.

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