The Garden Report

The garden(s) are going great guns here at The Pines, and I thought it would be nice to report on some of the plants/beds/experiments I’ve talked about over the past few months. Let’s do it in photos, though. Totally more fun.

That tomato plant (more like a bush!) I bought at our local Ace is a monster! And the lettuce growing underneath it ain’t too shabby either.

Remember the new herb and flower bed? We’re eating out of it already. The zukes and some more lettuce are planted in the back left side here too.

Ladies and gentlemen, we have peas!

Last year’s perennial bed is the success of the season! Looks like I’m going to have some thinning to do.

And the “Sunflower Forest” out alongside the road? Um, I think it’s going to be fine.

You have a great day too!



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3 responses to “The Garden Report

  1. hideawayhill

    Oh wow! You’ve inspired me. I think next year I might do a little more that a few plants around the edge of the house. Maybe I can turn my black thumb gray at the very least. Everything looks fabulous!

  2. themac

    Beautiful!!! Love it all! Reminds me I need to plant more lettuce!

    How come you dont’ have any critters eating all this stuff?

  3. I assume it’s the proximity to the road, and lack of access at the back, with the wetland behind us. I’ve never had anything even go near the hens either!

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