Well, hell. When I searched “rustique,” I had no idea how popular the word might be!

Don’t worry. I’m not opening a fancy restaurant or starting a dot com home furnishings shop. I just thought it was a nice word to title a post about fixing our old, broken down fence. (I use the term “fixing” very loosely.) My friend Sheri said she loved the bird feeder on the fence post, so I thought that as long as people are noticing the thing, I might as well fix it up.

It’s been sitting there on the ground rotting for a few years, having stood between the neighbor and us for who-knows-how-many decades. For me, putting this thing back up was a no-brainer – old weathered wood, eye-catching junk, and rustic decay are all totally up my alley. Plus, it’s been there for years and it’s not doing anyone any harm, so it should be allowed to stay.

For the most part, it was a lot like putting a puzzle together. A few stitches and patches though. It’s good for a few years. I might go on the hunt for some old wood to further fix it up.

Now. Where can I get me some scarlet runner beans?



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3 responses to “Rustique

  1. I loves it! Now I guess we’ve gotta come see it in person 😀

  2. Susannah

    What a beautiful picture!!!!!! Thank you.

  3. Quaint and Rustique! The photo is stunning….Love it, but then I love everything Rustique 🙂

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