The Back Forty (Feet)

I’m sure I’ve used that title before. But trust me, it’s particularly apt in this case.

Along the back of our property, the back forty feet or so, you’ll find our little slice of the real Adirondacks. No (de)construction junk, no big hole full of foundation rocks, no piles of old lumber. Just our own little tiny stretch of Adirondack forest. (Although I like fussy words, so I call it The Copse.) How about a tour?

Head down the old fence line, and you’ll se an opening to the right of the birdhouse, between two small trees. You can head on in there.

If it’s evening, take a look back over your shoulder, and the sun will be setting over the old birdhouse. I was a little early for that. Let’s head on down the trail though – Now, watch your step!

We’d like to get a few chairs. There’s a little clearing as we cross onto the neighbor’s property. (We joke that this area is governed by the “Tri Owners Backwoods Association.”) I thought about bringing a bench back here, but I don’t think of it much as a sitting place. More of a poking-around place. (Don’t get me wrong – we’ve whiled an afternoon or two and tipped a few beers back there!)

I very good at appreciating what I have, no matter how little. And I do love the little copse. We may just have a few feet of woods, where others have acres, but I love it back there. I think of it as my Five Minute Vacation – take a little walk, crack down that dead branch, toss some deadwood out of the path, pull up an ankle-snagger or two.

I’m going to try to make it a habit to get back there each evening. You have a great day too!



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9 responses to “The Back Forty (Feet)

  1. My Daughter lives in the city but they have nice big yards in her neighborhood.
    She has a neighbor that has a smaller copse than yours but they have a swing in there and some wagon wheels leaning here and there against the trees and wild flowers all around it.
    it looks dark and cool and very inviting in there.

  2. “I very good at appreciating what I have, no matter how little. ”

    If more people could do this, the world would be a much better place.

    And copse is an awesome word. I’ve always been partial to thicket myself though.

  3. I love sitting ont he edge of the woods too! I’m always looking for garage sale chair bargains for that purpose. Some I leave outside all year long. It’s just too much work to carry them in. LOL

  4. Phill, it’s beautiful! Don’t ever take the birdhouse down- that’s a Character Point for sure 🙂

  5. themac

    Beautiful!!! And, GM is right – we need to appreciate what we DO have!!

    (hey – I’m working on it myself!)

  6. Your woodsy spot is the perfect place to be mindful of blessings. Thank you for taking us with you today.

  7. hideawayhill

    It’s beautiful, and thanks for making the pics lighter. Yes GM is right, we need to appreciate what we do have. I like to think I really do, even when I bitch and moan at all the mowing or snowblowing. I do know that every time I head over the hill or back when going to work, it still blows me away. When it quits raining I’ll get a pic of my favorite spot on my property and put it up on FB.

    Thank you for showing another piece of your home.

  8. Keith

    I left my 1/2 acre lot in Bloomingdale bordered with the trees that were there. The “lawn” and parking areas are probably less than half of the 180’x125′ lot and the cabin faces to the back, away from the road. Feels much more private than it really is. I have a couple of old metal motel chairs with original finishes (i.e. dull, some rust) that might do nicely in the copse.

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