Lotta Locomotion

Lotta locomotion, that’s what  I need,
If I’m ever gonna take the lead.

It’s lyric from the Lloyd Webber musical, Starlight Express. Steam power vs. coal and electric. Singing trains. Anyhow. In this case, the lyric is apt. I thought of Granny Sue all day, because this is exactly the sort of thing she’s always going to.

We took the White Knight on its first mini-roadtrip today. The urge to get up and go has been right there in the back of our heads, simple because we now can get up and go. We got up and went to the Antique Power Show outside Potsdam, at a museum by the same name. Awesome old steam powered rigs, restored tractors, portable saw mills still in use, ancient farm equipment restored to working order. Sort of a exhibit/fair for antique engine enthusiasts. Pretty cool.

And because of the mud and the fact that some of the exhibitors didn’t show up – free admission today. Awesome. And frankly, the affair was still pretty large. We were there two or three hours. But let’s tell the story in pics …

Headed out, Malone-ways.

(Tasteless joke warning.) They were using the tape to keep people off the buggy, but I thought maybe they were filming an episode of that new TV show. You know – Law and Order AVU: Amish Victims Unit.

This impressive old thing separates wheat from chaff, even down to tiny seeds.

Lots of restored antique tractors!

Neatest thing ever. This sugar shack is a post and beam structure, built from scratch last year to house a sort of sugar shack museum, featuring antique maple sugaring equipment from all over the area.

Good shot of a burly beast!

Coming back home – Hey! There’s Canada! Does your Taco Bell have a view like this?

Got a little muddy up there in farm country. Better stop off at the carwash and clean off the White Knight!

You have a great weekend too!



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5 responses to “Lotta Locomotion

  1. Nice shot of the Allis Chalmers… we had a couple years ago when I was a young married and used to rake hay for my then husband. In fact my grandson restores old tractors and my daughter’s username on some sites is “oldallisgirl”…. Nice post!

  2. Tasteless or no, I thought your AVU joke was hilarious! Of course, I don’t get out much…..

    Thanks for the pictorial adventure!

  3. Reminds me of Ken Howard.

    They really used a lot of iron to make those old tractors.

  4. themac

    My kiddo would have gone crazy with all those tractors!! How fun!

  5. I love old machines! The threshing machine is amazing–those things were huge. Don’t you wonder about the person (probably a man) we figured out how to make a bunch a gears, screens and a big box do that work for him/

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