The Apple Poll



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5 responses to “The Apple Poll

  1. If you do decide to cut it down and plant new apple trees be sure to check out St. Lawrence Nurseries: Actually, be sure to check them out whether or not you cut down the apple.

  2. Love St. Lawrence – we have a saplings from them. But … love Bonesteel’s nursery outside Malone even more! Also locally grown and north-hardy.

  3. if you plan new trees, try Tolman Sweet apples….. an old variety, but absolutely the best yellow apple there is.

  4. I voted for cutting it down but there are a few other things to consider:
    1. it provides habitat and food for wildlife. The spruce probably does too.
    2. the spruce doesn’t provide glorious blossoms. But it does provide windbreak and lovely decorations for Christmas.
    3. honeybees like apple trees. Just sayin’.
    4. Have you tried frying the apples? We had a tree that had terrible apples, we thought. Then we fried them. Oh. My. Goodness. The tree eventually died of its own accord so we were spared your decision.

  5. themac

    I love Granny Sue’s ideas!! She’s awesome!

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