The Little Big Machines

Nothing too too deadly around here in the way of yard tools, but it was definitely power tool day.

Started out with the baby chain saw, smallifying some of last years big brush to stack for firewood. Funny how there’s always less than you figure you’ll get out of it. The weed eater was more satisfying – edged the beds and tidied up a few places. The grass is looking pretty good!

In poor-little-tree news, I cut down my first … what? Medium-sized tree? Probably a 25-footer. I actually really liked it, and miss the shade and green already. But it was sick, and besides, it was growing right up against our septic tank. Had to go, poor thing. It’ll get cut, dried, and used for firewood next year, though.

It’s a day off outside! You have a great day too!



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5 responses to “The Little Big Machines

  1. Irish45

    I have enjoyed your gardens,etc. and know that come Fall they will all be full of goodies. I note that you like Hostas. But I did not see any Funkia in your gardens. My patch of Funkia originated in Saranac Lake and that was 50 yrs. ago. Now it is everywhere and I have also given much of it away. Sadly, it does not seem to be for sale in our area at this time. But it is much like Hosta except it is green with white centers, rather than Hostas with white leaves with green centers,etc. Funkia came to the U.S. via countries like Scandinavia, Holland and Germany and that is the origin of the name. Originally in Japan. Down here where I live there is a lot of Funkia but mostly on old properties. New ones only have Hostas, so I now consider it rather rare and love it from Saranac Lake, even more. Enjoy all your photos and stories of my home town. Thanks. Irish45

  2. Your like a real Adirondack Lumberjack now.

  3. I’m going to have to look into this Funkia stuff, Irish. Sounds super neat. Never heard of it, somehow! I’ll ask up at Bonesteel’s outside Malone. He’ll know what it is.

  4. Irish45

    Don’t be surprised if he does not recognize the name. It was proposed to the powers that be before Hosta was but Hosta won out as the OFFICIAL name. However, it is a variety of its own. I did find it by internet for sale as a new miniature called PANDORAS BOX. Wrote to them and they sent me the whole history but do not have it available in the large sizes. Sorry. For your herb selection you might like to try Rue or Sweet Woodruff. Both are great and have flowers for a long time as well. Nice in any garden. Irish45

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