That Sweet First Bite

Well, I spent the day outside gardening, and I received those first sweet bug bites of the season. Small price to pay for all the enjoyment, I figure.

As I mentioned, I decided to do a lot of the vegetables and herbs mixed in the beds with the annuals and perennials. They’re plenty ornamental, as far as I am concerned. We have zukes alongside zinnias. Parsley with pansies. All kinds of combinations … we’re all a jumble over here. Here’s a few shots …

The herb bed, with some pansies, hosta, and baby’s breath hanging around to keep the herbs company. They’re already quite large! We better start eating! Those are snap peas to the right, below the trellis. (I actually made that little trellis out of old tomato stakes.)

This is going to be “The Sunflower Forest.” I couldn’t get a pic of the whole thing because it’s too big. Mixed in some cow manure beforehand. Giants in the back, mediums in front of those, and short ones in the front. A tip – Only buy the giants in the packets, or even better, get them from a friendly seed saver. (Thanks, Mac!) For the thousands of little ones in the front, just go buy a bag of black oil sunflower birdseed. Six bucks for thousands of seeds. It grows beautifully.

The green beans are planted along the wooden fence. There’s some corn mixed in there too, in the back. If all these flowers come up, I have no doubt we’ll start to be known as “The Sunflower Place.”

One lone tomato plant, but it’s a beauty. There’s lettuce planted underneath and around the edges. And maybe there are radishes in there too, since I forget where I planted them.

The bigger veg garden (a lot of things are planted between perennials here and there) is on the side of the swamp. Cukes, zukes, winter squash, carrots, lettuce, all kinds of things. Super rich soil! I made two teepees for the peas. Totally Blair Witch-esque.  I’m not thrilled with the way they came out. They’re okay, I guess.

Perennial bed gone mad … I’m certainly going to have some plants to move this Fall after I thin these out. There are more peas in hanging baskets above this too. I went snap pea crazy.

You have a great day too!


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2 responses to “That Sweet First Bite

  1. Looking good. Sunflowers are fun to grow. The big ones are amazing.

    Despite the prediction of rain, the today turned out pretty nice. Hope you managed to enjoy it too.

  2. themac

    I cannot wait to see the forest! However, I must recite the saying I know about corn: It must be knee-high by the 4th of July if it’ll come to fruit for you. Gma Otis knows it all!!

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