Beater to Sweeter (in two acts)

Act One

Well, it’s just weird enough. You know Mister Big, the Sex and the City character? We now own his Mom’s car. Evidently, they have a summer house up here (in a village I shall not reveal), and had an “up North” car that didn’t get used much. And we bought it. Shades of Seinfeld.

We are now the proud owners of a white 2002 Mercury Sable (of all things), with a super lean 70k miles behind it. Little old lady from (Passadena). The thing looks as if no one had ever stepped foot in it. Interior, spotless. Exterior, spotless. No rust. No corrosion. The engine, spotless. When we test drove the thing, we were all lah-dee-dah-look-at-us-in-the-fancy-car. Felt like a stay at the Ritz.

Act Two

A new car means lots of things. Good things. Real good things. No more constant (monthly) repairs. No more getting stuck all over the place because the car broke again. We’ll have windows that open. Air-conditioning. A sound system. That nifty hatchback-or-backseat option. Better gas milage. And oddly enough for us, it’s as nice as the cars we had rented for vacations.

Well, whatta ya know. A car from a dealer with a warranty. Does this mean we’re adults? If you are ever in the market, we recommend Evergreen Auto in Saranac Lake, recommended by our mechanic, another mechanic, and many friends.


The Jeep? Poor thing. She’s headed to the bone yard. With almost-monthly visits to the shop, sensor problems, wiring issues, a leaky transmission, brake problems, leaks in the windows, an impending inspection, and a habit of refusing to start when it’s below 50 degrees … well, she’s gotta go. In her defense, she provided a helluva basic ride for a while. RIP, Ethel.




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7 responses to “Beater to Sweeter (in two acts)

  1. That’s like a Federal Agent-type car.

  2. I keep saying that if it were blue, it would like like a post office car.

  3. Is that fancy lady gonna get you through the snow next winter?

    Watch it. You could become a snob if you are not careful.

    You write fancy music.
    You play a fancy pipe organ.
    now you drive a fancy car…….
    There will be no talking to you now.
    Oh I forgot…you produce spooky plays. (Poe)
    He was very spooky. ( ummm….nuts I think actually.)
    Oh! I am sorry. he was “excentric”. My bad!
    Yes, I loved the raven and I have a leather bound volume of his work.

    I also like the one about the ship in the hurricane.
    can’t remember the name of it.
    It scares the liver out of me.

  4. I forgot…
    The jeep wasn’t all bad even though it was PURPLE!!!!!
    it had purty wheels. LOL!

  5. Hey! Catching up and see you have a car. Fahhhhncy. Congrats! We were up last weekend but were hosting and crazed. Hope to see you guys next time we are around.

  6. Sex and the what now? Do you mean the guy from Law and Order? ;D

    And you clearly need a car that starts when it’s below 50. Unless you’re staying home all year long with the exception of two weeks in August.

  7. I never liked the look of that Jeep. It looked like she’d been rode hard and put up wet–somebody’s 4-wheelin’ toy that they just wore plumb out. Those wheels and tinted windows were the giveaway, at least to me. And livin’ in redneck 4-wheelin’ country, I’ve seen a few like her to be suspicious.

    Your new ride looks quite sedate. I hope she serves you well. You deserve some good car luck.

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