The Perfect Gift

My friend Emily is a crack garage-saler. She’s a genius, and loves it. She’s the kind of person who has one of everything in her garage or barn. This weekend is a big garage sale time, and of course, there were several sales up and down the main roads. She brought me a gift, nd it was something I have always wanted! A real-life chicken waterer!! The old-fashioned kind. It’s awesome.

The girls were not quite so sure about it, and certainly not as enthusiastic as I was. “What is that big silver thing he brought in here?!” Here’s a shot of the girls checking out the alien invader.

Hey – I met a blog reader at The Sound of Music last night! Neat, huh? We chatted for a minute down at the pit after we finished up the playout music. Thanks for saying hi! Awesome. Speaking of – I’m off to play the show tonight, and my first day of church (the new job) tomorrow. You have a great day too!



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4 responses to “The Perfect Gift

  1. hideawayhill

    I wouldn’t have know that what that thing was, but I can see how useful it will be once the chickens get it figured out! I used to go to garage sales and find wonderful bargains, but somehow I don’t seem to find the time to wander around looking for them anymore. Have a great rest of the the weekend.

  2. They’re the neatest thing ever – the outside sleeve (with the handle) comes off, and you fill the inside with water. When you put the outside sleeve back on, it depresses a tiny plunger that lets the water out into the bottom trough. Always wanted one!! =)

  3. Ahhhh, memories. We had one of those a “few” years ago when I was a kid at home. What a find!

  4. I’m glad the girls decided it was OK. It looks like a neat gadget.

    We passed a few garage sales, but only came home with a couple of lawn chairs. I can’t remember the last time we bought new lawn chairs.

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