Before Somebody Drops a House on You, Too

Well, goodness.

A certain Adirondack blogger was seriously pissed off by my last post. In fact, said blogger had something rather aggressive to say about my personal thoughts, daydreaming, and potential decisions. And said blogger decided to say it anonymously, even though this person is a regular reader, is a previous commenter (multiple times), and we’ve met in person. This being the 21st Century – Duh. I know who you are. I use WordPress.

Anyhow, Friends, I had a nice big, long post written about how this blogger doesn’t seem to understand that a personal blog is not a newspaper accepting anonymous jackass editorials. But I’m really more of a no-fuss-no-muss kind of guy, so I decided not to post it. My only message for the annon blogger is this – Your link is gone, your comments are gone, and your IP address has been sent to the spam folder. And trust me, I’ll be telling this story (including the details) to my extremely wide and varied circle of friends. (Preferably, at large social and cultural events.)

Should this all not be perfectly clear, annon blogger, let me speak plainly – You’re not welcome here. In the immortal words of my favorite philosopher, Glinda the Good Witch, “You have no power here. Be gone.”

As for me and you Friends, let’s have a great week! I start rehearsals tonight for a new musical I’m playing in the orchestra for. I’ll tell you all about it as the week progresses. Suffice it to say, the hills are alive with … well, you get the idea. Meanwhile, the chickadees are chirping, the chickens are out, and the coffee is on.

You have a great day too!



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13 responses to “Before Somebody Drops a House on You, Too

  1. hideawayhill

    Ouch! It’s too bad that yet again someone comes in (as in so many other venues, places, etc.) to be in general, just miserable, pushy, intolerant, or a jerk. Sorry this happened to your blog. 😦

  2. LOL! Someone was PO’d that you like where you live?????

  3. themac

    Wasn’t me!!!!!!! 🙂

    That stinks – and I can’t wait to hear all the juicy details!!!

  4. Good for you for taking the high road. I can’t understand why some people feel compelled to poop on other people’s parades. If this person didn’t like your post, or you, your ideas, or whatever, no one has a gun to their head forcing them to visit Small Pines – just stop visiting and move on. And your last post seemed pretty innocuous to me – I must admit I’m in wonderment what this person got all worked up over – there’s plenty more controversial stuff going on in the world than your opinions of Lake Placid and your thoughts on the future. Whatever.

  5. Just someone pissed off that I was daydreaming out loud about other houses, and having fun looking at real estate. And pissed that we tore a (literally) condemned, unsavable old house down … no matter HOW much the neighbors, town, and community have thanked us for improving the property, hauling off a huge backyard dump, and planting locally grown trees on a clear cut lot. LOL

  6. Why on earth do people care? Live and let live. Keep on daydreaming, Small Pines – helps me to realize I’m not the only one.

  7. Adktricollie

    Having a civilized opinion and/or “respectfully” disagreeing is one thing but as the saying goes “if you don’t have anything nice to say than don’t say anything at all!” Whatever floats your boat is great! Love your posts…..

  8. You handle these people alot better than I do. Have no patience for them and love going for their jugular! LOL

  9. You know? Life is way too short…You handled this in just the right way. Opinions are like asses…everybody has one! Have a great week my friend…

  10. Bravo. I think you handled things admirably and efficiently. Trolls in a blog are like weeds in a garden, inevitable and potentially ruinous. The best thing to do is to yank ’em out and move on.

  11. Whew,….. I’ve been away for a while and was sorry to read this on returning. Small Pines,… I read that last post and see nothing to have anyone get all “torqued up” about! Guess that person was itching for a fight and thought they could get one here. Congrats to you for pulling the plug on that person. Big congrats!

  12. Can’t imagine what you said in your previous post to annoy anyone! I love daydreaming about other houses and different possibilities – it’s a lifelong hobby of mine! As for tearing down an old house, while I am a fan of historic preservation, a condemned eyesore is probably not worth saving, in my opinion! I’m sure whatever you put on the land will be a great improvement.

  13. I re-read that post several times, and I’m still mystified about what could get anyone so upset. Ya never know, do you? I suppose I’ve written things that others didn’t like too, but so far (fingers crossed) no one has blasted me. Good on you for handling it like a grown-up.

    Now go put a hex on them 🙂

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