Fortunes of Time

We went over to Lake Placid tonight, and had dinner out, thank you very much.

As things on the financial front have leveled out a bit, we felt that the least we could do for ourselves was go out to eat. Multiple choices of course, but we’d never been to the Lake Placid Pub & Brewery, so we thought we would give it a shot. Decent food, good beer, and although the decor isn’t much to write home about, the brick floor entrance of the old church it’s housed in is to-die-for. I want to go to that Alpine looking steakhouse place next.

It’s unpopular around here to say it, but say it I will – I like Lake Placid. It’s pretty. They have nice things there. We have nice things in Saranac Lake too, and I choose to make Saranac Lake my “town,” because it’s more me, and I find it a little more real-life. But I don’t think that’s any reason to dislike Lake Placid on principle. I think it’s nice. So there.

We stopped by Ben & Jerry’s and had some dessert, took a little walk. I like the Christmas store (whatever it’s called), but tonight I stopped in my very favorite store  – Fortunes of Time. Whoever owns/stocks/designed this place sure had my number. I walk in the place and I feel like I am in some sort of bliss dream that might be titled, Ultimate Night of the Senses. The pinecone hanging bells, the scent of honeysuckle (or something) in the air, quiet music, hundreds of scented candles, woolen mittens, throws, trinkets, piles and piles of cozy and quaint. I came out the place tonight and said, “We need more money. I want some nice stuff.”

Speaking of the fortunes of time, we had a nice drive around Saranac Lake on the way back home. We looked at some houses for sale, learned a few new shortcuts, and discussed the fact that I have a meeting about a nice little-job possibility next week. (I ain’t sayin’.)

Now, we’re not exactly actively looking to buy a house in town. But you see, we’re possibilitists. We like to remind ourselves that with the proper amount of time and effort, most things are possible. Will we take out a loan to build a new house right here? Will we go with a small cabin instead? Will we finish the improvements and sell this property as a building lot? Will we buy a completely different house in town? Will we build small and keep the place here, while buying something similar in the South for Winters?

Anything’s possible.



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7 responses to “Fortunes of Time

  1. ADK46er

    While Lake Plastic is nice now wait till all the 2nd homers and tourists hit and you’ll see why a lot of locals call it Lake Plastic

  2. Oh, I know 46er – I’ve been walking around Lake Placid during tourist season for seven years … and I still like it! (Okay, maybe I stay away when it’s REALLY crowded.)

  3. I moved here twenty five years ago and have lived in Wilmington, Saranac Lake and Lake Placid. I like them all. Yes it is hard to park on Main Street in LP in the summer but that is not enough to ruin it for me.
    p.s. The LP library is a secret treasure.

  4. We were in Lake Placid this week-end, too. I’m not a huge fan but we did have a good time. Shared a bottle of wine with my sisters in front of the fireplace at the Lake Placid Lodge. A little rich for my blood but a nice treat in any case.

  5. themac

    Ok – I’ll say it: I love Lake Placid!! There is a little bit for everyone. A beach, restaurants, shopping, dancing, and mountain scenes. At times the lovely folks that call it “home” for 2-3 months out of the year get on my nerves by claiming this beautiful area as theirs, not ours. However, I do not live in LP so gladly I can escape the madness in my wooded palace. 🙂

  6. Oh my, I have read every single one of your posts and I can’t think of a single thing you have ever said that would offend ANYONE.

    I am bad about not posting so I was really worried when you thought about stopping posting because no one seemed interested.
    I am always thrilled when I receive a new post from you in my e-mail.
    I read them all Phil. You can boot me if I am not posting enough. After all , I concider you a Friend.
    Friends can do that without offending.
    Take a deep breath….. It is all better now. hugs to you and Johnathan..

  7. We were just in Lake Placid last weekend when we were up at our cabin for the weekend. My in-laws went there on their honeymoon and since my father-in-law was with us we took a ride there. We’d taken him there before but it was in the winter so we couldn’t walk around that time.

    We too ate at the Lake Placid Pub and Brewery – we’re a fan of their beer so one reason we first went to Lake Placid was to make a pilgrimage to the Source! Have been there several times now. Had a great burger and fries along with their seasonal Wit (wheat) beer. We saw a number of other restaurants that look appealing so will have to try them at some point.

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