She’s Sensitive

Car? Is it a car? An SUV? Nah. It’s a Jeep.

I really do like the thing, but it’s trying at times. I might have mentioned that it had developed a starting issue. Sometimes. Last week – every so often, it wouldn’t turn over. Still cranked and all, no run down battery. Just wouldn’t start. And then oddly, if we jumped it – even though it was already cranking – it started right up. Weird. So, we took it in to our awesome mechanic Tim. (Who was recommended to us by many, including Adirondack Musing.)

Tim couldn’t get the car to break. That is, it started every time, without fail. Revved right up. Almost as if the car was too embarrassed to show its laziness away from home. Like it was on its best behavior for Tim. So, he kept the Jeep for three days. Started it several times each day. With great success. (I can’t decide whether that is terrific, or aggravating.) So, he gave it back. How does one handle a 21 year old tank that may decide not to start at some point.

We went over to Advance Auto and bought one of those little jump-starter boxes. Problem solved.



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3 responses to “She’s Sensitive

  1. hideawayhill

    Those little jump starter boxes are great, I wish they had them (or I knew about them) years ago when I was young and was driving real crap. It would have helped immensely. Cars never seemed to do what is wrong with them for the mechanic. Oh the stories of past vehicles……

  2. Lynne

    Hi! I’m away from home at the moment… in YOUR state, visiting family. But, just wanted to point out an article I read in a magazine you may or may not notice/get. “Real Simple” has an article about a couple whose home burned down and they took two sheds and put them together. I love their little space! It’s got a great layout. So, it’s an idea… just sharing!

    Hm… jump starter box hm? I have a tire pumper upper thing… but hadn’t heard of the jump starter box. Cool!! Great to have too… I carry cables, but those require a willing car & owner! 🙂

  3. I borrowed one of those little jumpstart things once from Mac and my’s former boss. I guess he found it easier to let me borrow it for a few weeks (until I could afford a new battery, maybe? I can’t remember why…) then stopping to jump start my car every morning on his way to the Inn. They rock.

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