The End in Sight

End of the long practice few weeks is just about over – I’m going in to do a run through with the instrumental soloists this afternoon. (If you missed that part of the story, I’ve been learning pages and pages of piano accompaniment to serve as the pianist for the NYSMA competition, locally.) I’ll likely put in some practice hours tomorrow, but Saturday is the competition, so that’ll be that. The recording gig I was also doing has been pressed to CD, and overnighted to “the client.” Awesome.

So, after this weekend, I can be a country gentleman again. I was thinking about this as I was looking out the bedroom window, as below. I have another stone wall to build, but the first project will be tearing down the old chicken pen (the thing against the coop with planks on it), moving the coop behind the cabin, and rebuilding a better pen. It may sound like a chore, but I’m looking forward to it!


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