Spring Things

Being as we’re up here in the Frozen North (Zone 3, on a good day), we’re a little behind the times when it comes to Spring. Saranac Lake (“town”) is slow enough, and we’re even behind them over here in the valley. Seems like it finally arrived for good this past weekend though – 80F during the day, and consistent evenings above freezing. Here’s a few shots of the up-and-comers around The Pines.

Day lilies and some perennials that I bought a bunch of … I forget. Need to do a little weeding!

Snow peas started from seed indoors are doing nicely!

Hosta – my very favorite. We have tons of it, and I just bought some more.

And of course, plenty still to plant. Lavender for along the side of a new rock wall, butterfly bush, three blueberry bushes, more hosta, and there’s a big basket of wildflower and veg seeds!



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5 responses to “Spring Things

  1. hideawayhill

    Looking good! You’ve done a nice job with the rocks around your plants. Pretty! My hostas that I planted in a hurry before leaving for FL last October didn’t come up. :(. Maybe I’ll go buy some…..never even thought of that.
    Funny how last weekend it was so nice, then Wednesday, snow…winter (?), Friday, beautiful warm…spring, and today, hot and humid….summer. Ah…the Adirondacks. If you don’t like it……..well, yeah, you know.

  2. Someday you could have your own Adirondack Botanical Garden.

    On a semi-related note, we bought a leaf shredder a few years ago to deal with the huge amounts of leaves we get in our backyard. Well, now that stuff from the original shred is seriously awesome Black Gold mulch.

    I love this time of year and seeing everything emerge from Winter. Everything becomes so Alive.

  3. Mere

    We planted Hostas in the back yard along the garage, and the deer had a feast last year. They did come back up, but I am hoping to keep the deer away.

  4. great, get ’em in the ground

  5. themac

    You have a huge feat ahead of you!! All that planting and placing them properly so everyone gets enough and not too much sunshine. For deer problems, try dry blood. 🙂

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