Monday to Tuesday

It’s already on it’s way to melting. 70F by Saturday.

In indoors news, I felt worse Wednesday than when I fell on Tuesday. Muscles and all. A little queasy. Jammed finger. My super-sweet friend brought me a big container of homemade beef stew, biscuits, and drinks. Dinner in a box, so we would not have to cook. And another friend, when she heard I had a fall, made other after school arrangements for her son, rather than sending him to me for his piano lesson. I didn’t even need to call her. I was able to rest up all day. Sweet, sweet people.

And now, besides the fact that I need to get back to work, I need to apply sneaker to butt and buck up. So, let’s find our inspiration in the Small Pines Zen Quote of the Day.

“The Great Way is not difficult. Just cease to cherish opinions.”
-The Third Zen Patriarch



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6 responses to “Monday to Tuesday

  1. Oh! (((HUGS))) Hope today you are feeling better – hopefully the sun is shining and melting all that snow. It didn’t ruin any of your plants, I hope! Also glad to hear you’re having some “good neighbor” moments – I know you get plenty of the “cranky neighbor giving you a hard time” moments. Feel better!

  2. Keith

    And THAT, in a paragraph (and two pictures), is small town life in the Adirondacks!

    I hope you are mending well.

  3. themac

    The snow thing – so not funny!!! But, when I first moved here I was told that we have 8 months of good skiing and 4 months of not-so-good skiing. (…now that I say/type this, I think I’ve commented this here before. Forgive me. It’s the mere 4 hours of sleep and toothpicks holding my eyes open due to toddler.)

  4. Ow. I just read about the headsmack. So sorry for you–a head shot isn’t nice. I love the idea of a recording! I for one would like to hear your music. There is something very personal about listening to music made by someone I know. I think you’re on to something there.

    Hope the snow goes quickly. We’ve had a couple nights of freeze and frost in some locations but our gardens seemed to make it through okay. Beans and corn are up and tomatoes and such might go in the ground this weekend, at least a few plants anyway. Spring is much further along in this part of the Appalachians.

    And hillbilly Zen sounds good too.

  5. Mac – Yeah, I agree. Not funny at all. Pissed me off. However, I did get to talk back to an old timer, after I looked up these late snows and got my facts lined up. He had said, “Oh, you never can be sure Spring’s here,” “I’ve seen it happen many times,” “happens all the time, a really decent sized snow late in April and May.” Actually it doesn’t. Last time it happened was 17 years ago. Ha! He protested. I said, “Look it up.”

    GS – I didn’t have anything in the ground except snow peas, and nothing coming up other than bulbs and hosta and such. So, I think I’m okay. In fact, it probably did the grass seed some good.

  6. That late snowfall 17 years ago was a doozy. Came the weekend of our H.S. semiformal dance and instead of pictures in poofy dresses, we have pictures on snowmobiles. Seems like a great adventure as a teenager, not the great headache it is as an adult….

    (wow – I feel pretty redneck after admitting to that little story….)

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