Blood and Thunder

Well, that sucked.

Visited the Medical Center today, but luckily not the Emergency Room. I got off with a visit to my personal doctor.

I’m a mother hen. I like to take care of things, so that others do not have to think about them. Like this one – The car battery has not been holding a charge despite a new battery – damned jalopy – so I thought I would charge it up from the RV inverter. Move the car a bit, connect the jumpers. Good plan. It was seriously snowing. Yep – slippery mud. I pushed the car a bit, and slipped hard. I landed my forehead on the Jeep-nameplate thing. Bloody. Gross. Hole in my head. (We’ll let the description go at that.) Rather than stitches (which were a possibility), Doc decided on that goo that strengthens around the area of the wound, and those strips to hold it shut.

Helluva day. Helluva few weeks. Spent, I came home and noticed that the next book on deck was Chop Wood, Carry Water. Besides the Zen book, I’ve been listening to a lot of meditative music lately. I’ve been chatting with a new friend that has similar interests. Getting back into it really, from experiences years ago. Add to all this the fact that for a few months, I’ve seriously been contemplating recording an album. I think I have something to add to the piano/strings/nature sounds arena. (Stop laughing.)

So, you know. I gotta be me. I guess I have a few Zen-type books to finish and a record to start. Perhaps we have a new addition to the blog topics. I hope you don’t mind if I get a little Zen and the Art of Hillbilly Living now and then. Maybe I’ll put up a quote I like every so often. It’ll be good for me.

I figure that when your feet are repeatedly pointed in a particular direction, it’s good to just start walking.



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7 responses to “Blood and Thunder

  1. hideawayhill

    Glad you managed to avoid stitches, but I bet it hurts!

    I’m certainly not laughing over your thoughts on recording an album. Having been lucky enough to hear a brief sampling of your writing and piano playing, I have no doubt that it will be fabulous. Follow those feet! But stay off slippery mud, ok?

  2. Keep an eye on that wound! Keep it clean. Glad you sought treatment!

    I read about your funk and was tempted to comment, but… I was in the middle of my own funk-ish time! These last few months have been crazy busy and then a few things happened that truly disappointed me. I had to wrap my brain around them and readjust the attitude…. that said, I love the shift toward the zen in this post. And that last sentence!!!

    I’ve missed my yoga, I haven’t blogged (just did, yay!!) and I feel the need for some quiet reconnection to the heart of my life and myself. And then maybe my feet will begin to carry me somewhere, when they are ready! So here’s to feet and zen, or zen feet and wishing you the best in recording!!

  3. Ouch! I hope you heal quickly. I like the sound of your new pursuits, and will be back to read your hillbilly take on Zen. 🙂

  4. OUCH. That does suck.

  5. I know that hurt. Yes, record an album.

  6. I had a headache,… now I know why. So sorry that you got messed up for a while. Perhaps time to take a couple days and just relax and soak in the books and music and peace of life. Take care of YOU!

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