Un-Funky Springins

It’s Spring, and half of my work pressure is over. Can’t ask for much more than that. (Except complete peace and contentment, and what fun would that be?)

One music project complete, a performance finished up last weekend. Now I’m just responsible for a learning a ton of (really difficult) music for the weekend of May 8 (plenty of time), with a few quick interruptions for other musical responsibilities.

Meanwhile, the season approaches. I like to remain rather Zen when it comes to my declaring the season fully open. I prefer to notice it as a surprise, rather than searching for it. I totally noticed it this weekend. Check out these few snaps from Saturday to Sunday – the bright light in the morning outside the cabin by the perennial bed, and that telltale sunset down the Main Road. We may have a flurries warning Wednesday, but Spring is here folks. In know for certain – It totally whispered in me ear and told me.



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9 responses to “Un-Funky Springins

  1. I am so envious of that rock collection!

  2. I should do a post about “Thing around here made of rock.” Maybe after the rest of the big ones come out of the whole for the rest of the front wall. LOL There are rock borders all over the place here! Now if I only had less swamp …

  3. Too funny – rock borders are quickly becoming my landscape theme of choice as well. I think I’m going to finish off the entire underside of our porch in rock. Hey, it looks great and it’s free!

  4. Enjoy your rocks people. Turns out the bottomless collection of rocks is an Adirondack thing. Can I offer you some red clay? ::Blech::

  5. I am glad to see you back in stride! Spring seems to do that to us. And the rock thing–my husband says he can tell when it’s spring because I start carrying rocks around. He thinks it’s my British heritage. I think I just like stones in my landscaping. He wanted to build a brick fireplace, I said no way, it has to be stone. He wanted to build a brick patio, and I said the walls have to be stone. Stone around the flowerbeds, stones as a facing on block foundation…did I say I like the look of stones in a landscape?

    The new bushes sound perfect. You’re going to have so much fun this spring with your gardens.

  6. Keith

    I hope this snow has not re-funkified you.

  7. Nah, a few days of snow doesn’t bother me. As long as we’re in the 30s and 40s and I have the woodstove and the tiny cabin, I’m cool. =)

  8. themac

    Lookin great!

    No rocks here – just sand!!!

  9. Unfortunately, I also have an abundance of clay. Never had to deal with the stuff before – what a pain!

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