Well, huh.

Not much in the mood to post. Not a bad mood per se, just busy and otherwise bewitched. Lots of music work going on, doing a reading of the show I’m writing next weekend. Planting and gardening. The blog is also in the middle of a usual early-Spring slump – always happens for some reason. Visits are way down, and comments are seriously down. And truth be told, I’m a little sick. And I really can’t afford to be sick. Regular barrel of laughs today, ain’t I?  So, I’m figuring that if I don’t feel up to it, and folks aren’t much looking anyway, maybe I’ll take a little break.

In the interim, for our collective edification – Did you know you can grow a garden in a straw bale? You totally can.



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11 responses to “Un-Posted

  1. hideawayhill

    I’m reading every blog post. Just keeping busy here too.

  2. I’m here reading every post too! Also busy trying to get my own garden started…A friend of ours just lent us a rototiller. This should be exciting. 😛

    Those gardens in a straw bale are really cool! Very pretty, actually.

  3. I always stop by just don’t always comment. Love the gardening in the straw bales. I just bought some Blackberry bushes and wondering if they would do well in the straw, they need a lot of acid so I don’t know. ,

  4. April is always a slow month up here. Quiet and kicked back. Things will get cooking when the black flies start biting.

  5. themac

    I think we’re all wearing the same shoes – busy spring planting season!

    I hope you’re feeling better!!

  6. Sorry to hear you’re not feeling well. And I know blogging can be discouraging and time consuming, but I hope you don’t give it up. I’ve enjoyed following your adventure here, though I don’t come by as often as I’d like.

    Love that idea of growing in bales. I just may give that a try.

  7. I’m sorry to hear you aren’t feeling well! I’ve been lost in sapling and brush cutting down here in the lower Adirondacks. I’m trying to get as much as I can done before the black flies hit. I never heard of gardening in a bale of hay. I have to try that!

    Feel better! And get some rest!

  8. I’ve read that fewer than 2 percent of blog readers ever actually comment. Plus the days are longer and the weather’s nicer, so I think people are outside instead of at the computer. Hope you feel better soon!

  9. inquisitive_1ady@yahoo.co.uk

    Read always, but lurk as far as comment are concerned.

    Life here is complicated and different from yours but does not want me wanting something simplier, If I am honest.

    aka inquisitive_1ady

  10. Keith

    I discovered your site fairly recently and had come to look forward to your updates, though I hadn’t ever written a comment. And now it’s been a week since your last post. 😦

  11. 😦
    Please come back, friend!!
    I think we’ve all been very patient.
    We let you take a week off to feel better and recharge. Totally understand that you needed a break.
    But now you’ve been gone a week. Now it’s like you’re torturing us! We need our “Small Pines” fix! What have you built?? What have you planted?? What are the chickens doing??
    Please come back!!! Hope you are feeling fine and all is ok!!!

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