A Severe Lack of Planning

Having come up through theatre, and then made the whole silly thing a profession, I’m quite good at taking what I’m given and making something nice out of it.

That is, I’m more of a “buy a bunch of stuff I like and then plan around it” person. I’m not somebody who draws a bunch of pictures and then goes out seeking specific items. I prefer to pick up things I like, and just work with them. My preferred method applies to my gardening and landscaping as well. For instance, the rock wall along the front of the property, and the rock border along the garden beds – not planned. I just had a bunch of nice rocks, so I figured a way to use them.

Knowing this much about my gardening habits, you could probably guess at my shopping habits. I don’t really plan. A few blueberry bushes from Ace Hardware, a couple of lilac and butterfly bushes I noticed in Aldi’s, some hosta I grabbed while passing through Lowe’s, some day lily bulbs I noticed while walking through K-Mart, onion starts also from Ace, seeds from here-there-and-everywhere.

I’m very much an, “Ooh! That looks pretty!” sort of person.

I saw a photo with a lilac bush next to some stone (at right), so I decided to continue the stone wall on the other side of the driveway and plant the lilac there. I like the idea of the bench too. I’ll put the butterfly bush down in front there somewhere too. Probably. The other day lilies will be planted alongside-and-inbetween my existing orange ones, in front of the rock wall, to make a nice lily bed along the road. The hosta will either go in the shade bed, or the bed alongside the cabin. I’m going to buy some semi-mature trees from a local non-profit nursery to enclose the joint a little more. Not sure just where they’ll go. I haven’t decided.

What I have decided is this – I have 400 pounds of top-soil and manure in the Jeep that I need to unload.

You have a great day too!



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7 responses to “A Severe Lack of Planning

  1. themac

    I just discovered boxes and boxes of flowers I bought at the end of last year to plant…then it snowed, and I completely forgot about them. On the good side: I found them! Bad side: I cannot remember where I planted all the bulbs last fall so I’ll have to wait until they come up to add my new find.

  2. Just try to leave enough room for when it matures.

    I should talk. I have a terrible time with this. It’s just so hard for me to picture a little stick of a plant growing into something that’s 20 or 30 feet tall and almost as wide. By then I can’t move it and don’t want to cut it down, not to mention the mowing obstacle course I end up with.

  3. What is this local non-profit nursery you speak of? We may be in the market for some semi-mature trees as well. Thanks!

  4. Every time you call your place the “joint” it just cracks me up! LOL! Well, the “joint” sure is going to look beautiful come summer – I look forward to seeing how it all turns out . 🙂

  5. 1- Laughing at Mac.

    2- Remember that FB post about 200 bulbs. They arrived. Neither I nor my flower beds are ready.

  6. themac

    You got the 200 bulb deal too? I can send my toddler over to help you dig in the dirt!

  7. I love LOVE the lilacs next to the stone steps too! I keep looking for places on the property to randomly create stone walls or steps… just because! =)

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