The Hole

I’ve never gotten a decent photo of the hole-full-of-rocks where the house used to be. Don’t know why it never occured to me to take one out of the window from in the RV. It won’t be there much longer – gonna have the hole filled in a few weeks – but here it is, folks. At the back of the photo, that’s the stone wall along the front of the property.

Off to run some errands today, maybe even getting the canoe out of storage! Highs are in the 40s this week, but it’s sunny. Warm weather is coming, Friends!



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3 responses to “The Hole

  1. Corky

    It will look really nice when you get done.
    just wanted to remind you to be sure you are finished with rock walls or rock trimmed flower beds before covering all those nie rocks up. You do good work my Friend.

  2. I am wondering – I know you’ve talked about building a house in the future – are you sure you want to spend the money to have the hole filled? Wouldn’t you possibly need to excavate that back out again for a foundation for a house? Or maybe you’d put the house in a totally different spot? All I know is it cost us a pretty penny to dig out a big hole for our foundation, so I worry about you filling yours up! LOL….

  3. themac

    I somehow forgot to comment on your hole.
    It’ll be awesome when it’s filled in – your vision is getting closer! Anyways, that hole/old place was too close to the street to build a home there again. Well, that’s my opinion.
    So extremely exciting all the progress you’ve made since you made The Move!

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